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Psychology | Aims and Scope: Pastoral Psychology

Aims and Scope: Pastoral Psychology

Pastoral Psychology is an international interdisciplinary forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original papers that discuss the work of caring for, understanding, and exploring human beings as persons, in families, in small groups, and in community. The journal brings the best of psychological, behavioral, social, and human sciences research into critical engagement with pastoral concerns (local, institutional, societal, political, international, and other).

The journal thoughtfully examines and discusses pastoral care and counseling, pastoral theology, psychology of religion, and the multidimensional interface between psychology and religion/spirituality. All theoretical perspectives are welcome, including, but not limited to, psychoanalytic and other depth psychologies, experimental and empirical psychologies, humanistic psychology, transpersonal psychology, and cultural psychology. Insights from existential perspectives, gender studies, phenomenology, sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies are welcome. Theoretical contributions that have direct or indirect relevance for practice, broadly construed, are especially desirable, as our audience includes not only academics and scholars in religion and psychology, but also religious and spiritual leaders and others, such as chaplains, social workers, counselors, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Pastoral Psychology welcomes scholarship and reflection from all religious and spiritual traditions. The journal publishes the timely work of recognized experts, but welcomes submissions from scholars and practitioners who are newer to their fields. In addition to research papers, the journal publishes thoughtful essays and book and film reviews.