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Evolutionary Psychological Science

Evolutionary Psychological Science

Editor-in-Chief: Todd K. Shackelford

ISSN: 2198-9885 (electronic version)

Journal no. 40806

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Launching Evolutionary Psychological Science

Editor-in-Chief: Todd K. Shackelford 

Darwin's (1859) theory of evolution by natural selection revolutionized our understanding of life, revealing the natural, gradual, blind process that built biological features once assumed to be intelligently designed. In addition to providing a natural account of complex adaptations, Darwin’s theory illustrates that the stupendous biological diversity we see today, from minks and manatees to daffodils and gonorrhea, can be traced to a common ancestor. Although Darwin (1859) mostly avoided the topic in the Origin of Species, it was clear then that his theory had profound implications for the origin of humans. It is now recognized that humans are but one branch on the Tree of Life, that we have existed in anatomically modern form for 200,000 years (McDougall et al. 2005) and that our closest living relative is the chimpanzee, with whom we share a common ancestor dating back 6–7 million years (Zimmer 2006).
Despite the acceptance in the scientific community of the fact of human evolution, ...

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    Aims and Scope


    Evolutionary Psychological Science is an international, interdisciplinary journal that publishes empirical research, theoretical contributions, literature reviews, and commentaries addressing human evolved psychology and behavior. The Journal especially welcomes submissions on non-humans that inform human psychology and behavior, as well as submissions that address clinical implications and applications of an evolutionary perspective. The Journal is informed by all the social and life sciences, including anthropology, biology, criminology, law, medicine philosophy, political science, and the humanities, and welcomes contributions from these and related fields that contribute to the understanding of human evolved psychology and behavior. Submissions should not exceed 10,000 words, all inclusive.

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