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Learning & Behavior

Learning & Behavior

Editor-in-Chief: Jonathon Crystal

ISSN: 1543-4494 (print version)
ISSN: 1543-4508 (electronic version)

Journal no. 13420

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Jonathon D. Crystal,
Indiana University

Associate Editors
Robin A. Murphy, University of Oxford
Federico Sanabria, Arizona State University
Amanda M. Seed, University of St Andrews

Consulting Editors
Chana K. Akins, University of Kentucky
Bernard Balleine, University of Sydney
Louise Barrett, University of Lethbridge
Melissa Bateson, Newcastle University
Irina Baetu, University of Adelaide
Michael J.Beran, Georgia State University
Aaron P. Blaisdell, University of California, Los Angeles
Mark E. Bouton, University of Vermont
Sarah F. Brosnan, Georgia State University
Michael F. Brown, Villanova University
Catalin V. Buhusi, Utah State University
Josep Call, University of St Andrews
Victoria D. Chamizo, Universitat de Barcelona
Jackie Chappell, University of Birmingham
Ken Cheng, Macquarie University
Russell M. Church, Brown University
Nicola S. Clayton, University of Cambridge
Andrew R. Delameter, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Karyn M. Frick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Robert Gerlai, University of Toronto Mississauga
Randolph C. Grace, University of Canterbury
Geoffrey Hall, University of York
Robert Hampton, Emory University
Justin A. Harris, University of Sydney
Mark Haselgrove, University of Nottingham
Susan Healy, University of St Andrews
Lucia F. Jacobs, University of California, Berkeley
Keith Jensen, University of Manchester
Jeffrey S. Katz, Auburn University
Debbie M. Kelly, University of Manitoba
Kimberly Kirkpatrick, Kansas State University
Olga F. Lazavera, Drake University
Kenneth J. Leising, Texas Christian University
Mike E. Le Pelley, University of New South Wales
Suzanne E. MacDonald, York University
Armando D. Machado, University of Minho
Robert J. McDonald, University of Lethbridge
Ralph R. Miller, State University of New York at Binghamton
Amy L. Odum, Utah State University
Irene M. Pepperberg, Harvard University
C.M.S. Plowright, University of Ottawa
William A. Roberts, Western University
David R. Shanks,University College London
Marcia L. Spetch, University of Alberta
Christopher B. Sturdy, University of Alberta
Peter J. Urcuioli, Purdue University
Jennifer Vonk, Oakland University
Marco Vasconcelos, University of Minho and University of Oxford
Edward A. Wasserman, University of Iowa
Thomas R. Zentall, University of Kentucky

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