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Psychology - Cognitive Psychology | Behavior Research Methods (Editorial Board)

Behavior Research Methods

Behavior Research Methods

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Jones

ISSN: 1554-3528 (electronic version)

Journal no. 13428

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Editor in Chief
Michael Jones, Indiana University, Bloomington

Associate Editors
Dale Barr, University of Glasgow
Amy H. Criss, Syracuse University
Morteza Dehghani, University of Southern California
Mark W. Greenlee, University of Regensburg
Pernille Hemmer, Rutgers University
Stephanie Huette, University of Memphis
Stian Reimers, City University of London
Don van Ravenzwaaij, University of Groningen
Wei Wu, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
Melvin Yap, National University of Singapore
Yanyun Yang, Florida State University

Consulting Editors
James S. Adelman, University of Warwick
David A. Balota, Washington University in St. Louis
Ira H. Bernstein, University of Texas Southwest Medical Center
Patrick Bonin, University of Bourgogne
Marc Brysbaert, Ghent University
Jerome Busemeyer, Indiana University
Ying "Alison" Cheng, University of Notre Dame
Sun-Joo Cho, Vanderbilt University
Gregory E. Cox, Syracuse University
Elise Dan Glauser, University of Lausanne
Ulf-Diedrich Reips, Universität Konstanz
Gregory Francis, Purdue University
Todd Gureckis, New York University
Andrew Heathcote, University of Newcastle
Geoff Hollis, University of Alberta
Xiangen Hu, University of Memphis
Brendan T. Johns, University at Buffalo
Lara L. Jones, Wayne State University
David Kellen, Syracuse University
Emmanuel Keuleers, Tilburg University
Daniel Lakens, Eindhoven University of Technology
Michael D. Lee, University of California, Irvine
Joshua R. de Leuuw, Vassar College
Brian MacWhinney, Carnegie Mellon University,
Joseph Magliano, Northern Illinois University
Winter Mason, Facebook
Edgar C. Merkle, University of Missouri
Douglas J.K. Mewhort, Queen's University at Kingston
Jay Myung, The Ohio State University
Andrew M. Olney, University of Memphis
Alexandra Paxton, University of Connecticut
Richard R. Plant, Black Box Toolkit Ltd.
Kristopher J. Preacher, Vanderbilt University
Richard M. Shiffrin, Indiana University
Henrick Singmann, University of Zurich
Mark Steyvers, University of California, Irvine
Jennifer S. Trueblood, Vanderbilt University
Joachim Vandekerckhove, University of California, Irvine
David W. Vinson, University of California, Merced
Kim Vu, California State University, Long Beach
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, University of Amsterdam
Michael Wenger, Pennsylvania State University
Chris F. Westbury, University of Alberta
Tal Yarkoni, University of Texas, Austin

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