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Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience

Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience

Editor-in-Chief: Marie Banich

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Reward Systems, Cognition, and Emotion

A Special Issue of Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience

Preliminary Proposal Deadline: January 7, 2018

Our understanding of the reward systems of the brain has advanced substantially over the past decade, leading to descriptions of the influences of such systems on cognitive and emotional processes both at a neural and computational level. The purpose of this collection of papers is to explore not only how reward processing in the brain may influence cognitive and emotional processes, but also conversely how reward functions may in turn be modulated by cognitive systems. Papers that examine these issues in a normally functioning brain as well as those examining alterations that may occur with neurological (e.g., Parkinson’s) or psychiatric (e.g., depression) disorders are welcome. Approaches ranging from animal models to computational examinations to neuroimaging and brain stimulation studies are welcome, as are theoretical reviews.


January 7, 2018 : Preliminary proposals due. Requested information includes a tentative title, a 250-400 word description of your proposed paper, and information on your intended audience. Proposals should be submitted to both Marie Banich, University of Colorado Boulder at
marie.banich@Colorado.EDU and Stan Floresco, University of British Columbia, Canada at floresco@psych.ubc.ca
January 31, 2018 : Decisions on preliminary proposals emailed to authors.
May 15, 2018 : Invited full papers due. The papers will go through the conventional peer review process at Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience.
Please email any questions to the editors:
Marie Banich, University of Colorado Boulder
Stan Floresco, University of British Columbia, Canada

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience publishes theoretical, review, and primary research articles concerned with behavior and brain processes in humans, both normal participants and patients with brain injuries or processes that influence brain function, such as neurological disorders (including both healthy and disordered aging) and psychiatric disorders (e.g., schizophrenia and depression). In addition, articles that use animal models to address cognitive or affective processes involving behavioral, invasive, or imaging methods are also highly welcome. One of the main goals of CABN is to be the premier outlet for strongly psychologically motivated studies of brain–behavior relationships. Thus, the editors highly encourage papers with clear integration between psychological theory and the conduct and interpretation of the neuroscientific data. Articles will be appropriate to the journal if they cover: (1) topics relating to cognition, such as perception, attention, memory, language, problem solving, reasoning, and decision-making; (2) topics concerning emotional processes, motivation, reward prediction, and affective states; and (3) topics relating to individual differences in relevant domains, including personality. In all cases, the editors will give highest priority to papers that report a combination of behavioral and neuroscientific methods to address these research topics.

    Further, the editors will give highest priority to papers that include sample sizes that provide adequate power.  The fields of psychology and functional neuroimaging have become increasingly concerned that small sample sizes contribute to replication failures in the literature, and are converging on the consensus that there is a need to increase minimum samples sizes.

    We also invite synthetic papers that make use of computational and other approaches to formal modeling. CABN also welcomes multistudy empirical articles or articles integrating multiple methods and approaches to understanding brain–behavior relationships.

    For Manuscript Submission information and Author Instructions, please visit the Psychonomic Society homepage at:


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