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Psychology - Child & School Psychology | Adolescent Research Review (Editorial Board)

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Adolescent Research Review

Adolescent Research Review

Editor-in-Chief: Roger J.R. Levesque

ISSN: 2363-8346 (print version)
ISSN: 2363-8354 (electronic version)

Journal no. 40894

Roger J.R. Levesque, Indiana University

Editorial Board
Wondimu Ahmed, The University of Akron 
Judith Baer, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Jason J. Barr, Monmouth University
Carolyn McNamara Barry, Loyola College in Maryland
José A. Bauermeister, University of Michigan
Stephen P. Becker, Miami University
Troy E. Beckert, Utah State University
Amy Bellmore, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Aprile D. Benner, University of Texas at Austin
Amie Bettencourt, Johns Hopkins University
Dara R. Blachman-Demner, National Institutes of Health 
Julie C. Bowker, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Sonya S. Brady, University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Amy M. Brausch, Western Kentucky University
B. Bradford Brown, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Brian D. Christens, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Emily C. Cook, Rhode Island College
Rosalie A. Corona, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mark Coulson, Middlesex University London
Shelly L. Craig, University of Toronto
Elisabetta Crocetti, Utrecht University
Ming Cui, Florida State University
Molly Dawes, University of South Carolina
Katrina Debnam, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Aryn M. Dotterer, Purdue University
Diane E. Elze, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Abigail A. Fagan, University of Florida
Mark R. Fondacaro, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Larry F. Forthun, University of Florida
Jennifer A. Fredricks, Connecticut College
Meghan Gillen, Pennsylvania State University
Jeremy Goldbach, University of Southern California
Sara E. Goldstein, Montclair State University
Kaylin Greene, Montana State University 
Chloe A. Hamza, Brock University
Carter Hay, Florida State University
Denise Haynie, National Institutes of Health
Justin E. Heinze, University of Michigan School of Public Health
Sarah W. Helms, University of North Carolina
Kimberly L. Henry, Colorado State University
Patrick L. Hill, Washington University
Melissa K. Holt, Boston University
Wesley G. Jennings, University of South Florida
Lisa Kiang, Wake Forest University
Sarah Killoren, University of Missouri
Su Yeong Kim, University of Texas at Austin
Olga Kornienko, Arizona State University
Alfgeir Logi Kristjansson, West Virginia University
Cynthia Marie Lakon, University of California, Irvine
Richard P. Lanthier, The George Washington University
H. Isabella Lanza, University of California, Los Angeles
Melissa A. Lippold, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Alexandra Loukas, University of Texas at Austin
Alison Bryant Ludden, College of the Holy Cross
Charlotte N. Markey, Rutgers University
Sheila Kathleen Marshall, University of British Columbia
Jodi Martin, University of Minnesota
W. Alex Mason, Boys Town
Lara Mayeux, University of Oklahoma
Ryan Charles Meldrum, Florida International University
Joshua Mersky, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Gustavo Mesch, University of Haifa
Stephanie Milan, University of Connecticut
Nina S. Mounts, Northern Illinois University
Sylvie Mrug, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Adrienne Nishina, University of California, Davis
Lucia F. O'Sullivan, University of New Brunswick
Jamie M. Ostrov, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Debra L. Palmer, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Alex R. Piquero, University of Texas at Dallas
Patrick Pössel, University of Louisville
V. Paul Poteat, Boston College
Ekaterina Ralston, Iowa State University
Geoffrey L. Ream, Adelphi University
Marla Reese-Weber, Illinois State University
Craig J. Rivera, Niagra University
Ian Rivers, The University of Strathclyde
Kathleen M. Roche, The George Washington University
Rachel F. Rodgers, Northeastern University
Kevin Runions, Telethon Kids Institute
Shelly Sadek McCoy, La Sierra University
Heather A. Sears, University of New Brunswick
David J. Shernoff, Northern Illinois University
Sandra Simpkins, Arizona State University
Meghan M. Sinton, College of William and Mary
Kelley J. Sittner, Oklahoma State University
Therése Skoog, Örebro University
Cheryl L. Somers, Wayne State University
Emily E. Tanner-Smith, Vanderbilt University
Eva Telzer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Corinna Jenkins Tucker, University of New Hampshire
Alexander T. Vazsonyi, University of Kentucky
Sophie Walsh, Bar Ilan University
Qian Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Scott R. Weaver, Georgia State University
Rebecca M. B. White, Arizona State University
Shawn D. Whiteman, Purdue University
Amanda Williams, University of Southern Mississippi
Joanna Lee Williams, University of Virginia
Gregory M. Zimmerman, Northeastern University

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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    Adolescent Research Review publishes articles that review important contributions to the understanding of adolescence.  The Review draws from the many subdisciplines of developmental science, psychological science, education, criminology, public health, medicine, social work, and other allied disciplines that address the subject of youth and adolescence. The editors are especially interested in articles that bridge gaps between disciplines or that focus on topics that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.  Reviews must be cutting edge and comprehensive in the way they advance science, practice or policy relating to adolescents.

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