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Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma

Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma

Editor-in-Chief: Robert Geffner

ISSN: 1936-1521 (print version)
ISSN: 1936-153X (electronic version)

Journal no. 40653

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Virtual Issue: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

To honor National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma has created a virtual issue dedicated to promoting the well-being of children and families. With over 600,000 children experiencing abuse or neglect in the US each year, JCAT aims to increase awareness and support children’s psychiatric, physical, and behavioral health. Covering a diverse range of communities and experiences, articles in this issue highlight strategies for communities, families, child welfare workers, and mental health professionals to both prevent child abuse and reduce traumatic stress symptoms. Other topics include resilience, trauma screening, early intervention, trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and cyberbullying of LGBTQ youth. The ten articles included represent only a small part of the wide variety of research available in JCAT on this important issue. We hope you enjoy these specially selected articles and consider exploring the Journal’s other research.
Articles are free to access until May 09, 2018.


Findings of an Early Intervention to Address Children’s Traumatic Stress Implemented in the Child Advocacy Center Setting Following Sexual Abuse
Hilary Hahn, Matthew Oransky, Carrie Epstein, Carla Smith Stover and Steven Marans
When Traumatic Stressors are Not Past, But Now: Psychosocial Treatment to Develop Resilience with Children and Youth Enduring Concurrent, Complex Trauma
Katherine Tyson McCrea, Deanna Guthrie and Jeffrey J. Bulanda
Increasing Resource Parents’ Sensitivity towards Child Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms: a Descriptive Study on a Trauma-Informed Resource Parent Training
Maj R. Gigengack, Irma M. Hein, Robert Lindeboom and Ramón J. L. Lindauer
Trauma Screening in Child Welfare: Lessons Learned from Five States
Jason M. Lang, George Ake, Beth Barto, James Caringi, Christina Little, Melinda J. Baldwin, Kelly Sullivan, Angela M. Tunno, Ruth Bodian, C. Joy Stewart, Kristina Stevens and Christian M. Connell
Adverse Childhood Experiences from Ages 0–2 and Young Adult Health: Implications for Preventive Screening and Early Intervention
Alysse Melville
How Cities, Counties and States use the ACEs Connection Network to Help Build Healthy Communities
Jane Stevens
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth
Judith A. Cohen, Anthony P. Mannarino and Kelly Kinnish
Introduction to Special Section: Research, Treatment, and Policy Regarding Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents
Monica D. Ulibarri, Emilio C. Ulloa and Erin A. Speed
Cyberbullying and LGBTQ Youth: A Systematic Literature Review and Recommendations for Prevention and Intervention
Roberto L. Abreu and Maureen C. Kenny
Birth and Development of a Community Initiative: The Trauma-Resiliency Collaborative
Susie Wiet and Mary Beth Vogel Ferguson

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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    The Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma presents original research and prevention and treatment strategies for dealing with symptoms and disorders related to the psychological effects of trauma. The journal examines intervention models directed toward the individual, family, and community, new theoretical models and approaches, and public policy proposals and innovations. With a multidisciplinary approach that draws input from the psychological, medical, social work, sociological, public health, and legal fields, the journal features research, intervention approaches and evidence-based programs, theoretical articles, specific review articles, brief reports and case studies, and commentaries on current and/or controversial topics.

    Among the topics examined in the Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma:

    • The effects of childhood maltreatment
    • Loss, natural disasters, and political conflict
    • Exposure to or victimization from family or community violence
    • Ethnic, gender, or class discrimination
    • Physical injury, diseases, and painful or debilitating medical treatments

    The Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma is an important resource for practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and academics who work with children exposed to traumatic events. 


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    Instructions for Authors


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