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Physics - Particle and Nuclear Physics | Aims and Scope: Few-Body Systems

Aims and Scope: Few-Body Systems

The journal is devoted to the publication of original research work, both experimental and theoretical, in the field of few-body systems. Conceptually such systems are understood as consisting of a small number of well-defined constituent structures. Investigations of the behaviour of these systems form the central subject matter of the journal. Systems for which an equivalent one-body description is available or can be designed, and large systems for which specific many-body methods are needed are outside the scope of the journal. The focus of interest lies in the research methods, properties, and results characteristic of few-body systems. Particular examples of few-body problems are light nuclear systems (e.g., few-nucleon bound and scattering states), small molecules as well as light atoms (e.g., few-electron systems in external fields), specific systems in condensed matter and surface physics (e.g., quantum dots); however, also systems as large as celestial systems (e.g., classical or stellar few-body problems) and systems as small as elementary particles (e.g., few-quark problems).

The principal aim of the journal is to bring together competent work from various fields of physics such as particle, nuclear, atomic, molecular, and condensed-matter physics, and also from astrophysics, astronomy, mathematics, and chemistry, thereby fostering research done on related problems in different areas of natural sciences. While concentrating on few-body systems, which can also be characterized as generally amenable to rigorous solutions, the journal stresses interdisciplinarity through the exchange of ideas, methods, results, experience, and knowledge gathered in neighbouring fields or even more distant ones. 

Though the emphasis is on regular research articles the journal publishes also papers in the form of letters, rapid communications, comments, and from time to time reviews or progress reports.

The journal has no page charges.