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Physics - Condensed Matter Physics | Aims and Scope: The European Physical Journal B

Aims and Scope: The European Physical Journal B

A: Solid State and Materials

Lattice structure and dynamics
Inhomogeneous and disordered systems
Glasses and amorphous materials
Quantum solids and liquids
Electronic structure and dynamics
Low-dimensional systems
Topological insulators and superconductors
Graphene and related materials
Strongly correlated electron systems
Cold atoms and quantum simulators  
Surfaces and interfaces
Thin films, multilayers and superlattices
Magnetic structure and dynamics
Random magnetism and frustrated magnets
Quantum spin systems
Spin-dependent transport

B: Mesoscopic and Nanoscale Systems

Clusters and nanotubes
Quantum dots and wires
Quantum coherence

C: Computational Methods

Ab-initio methods
Classical and quantum many-body schemes  
Atomistic simulations
Multi-scale modeling
Kinetic algorithms  
Lattice-Boltzmann methods
Cellular automata and agent-based modeling

D: Statistical and Nonlinear Physics 

Equilibrium statistical mechanics and thermodynamics
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
Information theory approaches and complexity measures
Phase transitions and critical phenomena
Fluctuation phenomena and stochastic processes
Chaos and nonlinear dynamical systems
Collective dynamics and self-organization
Science of networks
Interdisciplinary theory, modeling and applications

Article Categories

Regular Articles

Colloquia describe the development of new areas of research or the impact of new and promising experimental or theoretical methods in the fields that are within the spectrum of topics covered by the respective journals. While not as extensive and complete as reviews in the usual sense, they are intended to suitably introduce new research directions and techniques in their early stages of development, and to a wider audience. There is no explicit constraint regarding the length of such manuscripts, although 20 printed pages would be the most usual length. All invited/submitted manuscripts will undergo the same refereeing procedure as all other contributions submitted to the journal. For invited colloquium papers, authors will receive a honorarium of EUR 400,-- upon publication and colour figures will be free of charge. Colloquium papers are generally solicited by the journal editors. Authors wishing to submit a colloquium paper are advised to contact the colloquium editors.