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Physics - Classical Continuum Physics | Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves (Editorial Board)

Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves

Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves

Editor-in-Chief: Vladimir M. Titov

ISSN: 0010-5082 (print version)
ISSN: 1573-8345 (electronic version)

Journal no. 10573

V. M. Titov

M. G. Ktalkherman and V.E. Zarko

S. M. Karakhanov


A. V. Fedorov, M. A. Korchagin, A. A. Korzhavin, A. A. Onishchuk, V. A. Sadykov, V. I. Terekhov, P. K. Tret’yakov, A. A. Vasil ’ev, and S. A. Zhdan



V. V. Adushkin, A. P. Aldushin, I. G. Assovskii, A. M. Astakhov, A. Yu. Dolgoborodov, E. Dreizin, N. Eisenreich, V. E. Fortov, S. M. Frolov, A. Gany, K. Hori, G. I. Kanel’, V. K. Kedrinskii, A. L. Kuhl, V. A. Levin, A. M. Lipanov, B. G. Loboiko, L. T. De Luca, Z. A. Mansurov, K. Maruta, Yu. M. Maximov, A. L. Mikhailov, A. N. Pivkina, Yu. V. Polezhaev, V. P. Sinditskii, M. B. Talawar, U. Teipel, V. I. Tarzhanov, R. F. Trunin, A. V. Utkin, D. A. Yagodnikov, R. Yang,  S. A. Zhdanok, and M. V. Zhernokletov.

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves is a translation of Fizika Goreniya i Vzryva, a publication of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk.
    Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves presents top-level works in the physics and chemistry of combustion and detonation processes, structural and chemical transformation of matter in shock and detonation waves, and related phenomena. Each issue contains valuable contributions on: initiation of detonation in condensed and gaseous phases, environmental consequences of combustion and explosion, engine and power unit combustion, production of new materials by shock and detonation waves, explosion welding, explosive compaction of powders, dynamic responses of materials and constructions, and hypervelocity impact.   

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  • Copyright Information

    Copyright Information


    Original Russian Edition Copyright © 2010 by the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics of SB RAS, Institute of Chemical Kinetics and  Combustion of SB RAS, and Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of SB RAS.

    Copyright © 2010 by Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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