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Philosophy | Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research

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Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research

Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research

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Journal no. 40961

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About the Society

The Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) was set up by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, registered as a Society, and has been functioning with effect from July 1981. The main objective of the Council is to promote research in philosophy in India. This objective is taken up through various activities, namely, reviewing the progress of research in philosophy, giving financial assistance to institutions engaged in philosophy, and providing technical assistance or guidance in philosophy, coordinating research activities in philosophy, and taking all such measures for the promotion of philosophy and allied disciplines. Another objective is to encourage interdisciplinary research with direct philosophical relevance and applied philosophy and cross-cultural studies.
The Council awards fellowships of different categories to assist scholars in engaging in research on full-time basis on themes of contemporary relevance and on major thrust areas in philosophy. Several projects including translation works are undertaken by eminent scholars to work in Indian philosophy and other related areas. ICPR organizes national and international seminars to deliberate upon various themes related to traditional as well as current topics in philosophy. For training young scholars and teachers of philosophy, workshops on Indian texts are taken up for in-depth study. Lectures of very distinguished scholars, both Indian and overseas, are organized for the benefit for philosophical academia. The Council has a full-fledged publication programme wherein quality works of renowned scholars are published. Its journal, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, contains research papers of high quality in the field of philosophy and interdisciplinary study by scholars from India and abroad. Besides these, collaborations with other countries take place by exchange of scholars. The Council has an Academic Centre at Lucknow in north India, which has a library with a collection of about 35,000 books exclusively in philosophy and around 100 journals.

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    The Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research encourages discussions and debates on the philosophical traditions of India and contemporary philosophy in India while simultaneously continuing its dialogue with the vast wealth of mainstream and alternative Anglo-American and Continental philosophies. Yet, the special place it reserves for philosophical expatiations emanating from the subcontinent happens to be its particular area of interest. Research and interpretations pertaining to pre-modern and modern Indian textual sources across the spectrum, viewed through an innovative lens, are highly welcome. The journal is committed to dissemination of valuable knowledge to discerning readership across the world.

                                                                JICPR uncompromisingly emphasises originality of thought and research in the varied philosophical traditions. It also welcomes interdisciplinary engagements with quintessential philosophical questions. From close examination of singular philosophical texts and philosophers through furnishing detailed annotated translations and/or re-readings of extant philosophical conundrums, the journal underscores comprehensiveness of argument and ingenuity of scholarship. 

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    Ethics & Disclosures


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