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Philosophy - Ethics | International Journal of Value-Based Management

International Journal of Value-Based Management

International Journal of Value-Based Management

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The Journal of Business Ethics began in 1982 as a quarterly volume (4 issues per year, 320 pages) and has expanded to 7 volumes per year (400 pages each = 2800 pages per year). By any reasonable assessment, it has been a remarkable success.

Initially there were an Editor-in-Chief and an Editor who together founded the journal, and about 35 Editorial Board members. On average, the work of these people is supplemented every year with volunteer reviewing from about 400 other scholars.

In 1998 we added four Section Editors for Theoretical Foundations, Marketing, Work and International Management. Section Editors function as relatively autonomous editors, receiving manuscripts, having them reviewed in a double-blind process, and deciding to accept, reject or get additional reviews. Their decisions are usually final, though on occasion the material is passed back to the Editor-in-Chief for additional review and a final decision.

About the time when the four Section Editors were added, the Editorial Board was increased to 45 scholars in diverse fields. Now, in order to accommodate the increased size and work related to the journal, we are undertaking another expansion in the list of Section Editors and substantially changing the Editorial Board. In particular, we are adding Section Editors for Business Law, Codes of Ethics, Corporate Governance, Gender Issues, Philosophic Foundations, Small Business, Teaching Business Ethics, and Value-Based Management. We are also adding Finance to the Accounting Section, and Consumer Behaviour to the Marketing Section.

In 1997 the Editors of JOBE founded Teaching Business Ethics, in order to relieve the pressure for space in JOBE and to allow scholars who were mainly interested in teaching to have their own space. After some experimentation, it appears that everyone would be better served by simply adding a teaching Section to JOBE and terminating TBE. The same is true of the Journal of Value-Based Management. So, its current Editor-in-Chief will become the Section Editor for JVBM in JOBE.

The new format of the Journal of Business Ethics begins with Volume 49, issue 1. We believe our reviewing capacity has been considerably strengthened with the addition of the new Section Editors and Board Members. We expect to have both sharper and speedier reviewing, leading to an overall reduction in the time from submission to publication.

From its inception the Journal has aimed to improve the human condition by providing a public forum for discussion and debate about ethical issues related to business. We will continue to publish original articles written from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to our success, from the editorial staff at Kluwer Academic Publishers to the anonymous reviewers, Board Members, authors and subscribers.

Alex C. Michalos, Editor-in-Chief; Deborah C. Poff, Editor

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