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Philosophy - Epistemology & Philosophy of Science | Aims and Scope: Knowledge, Technology & Policy

Aims and Scope: Knowledge, Technology & Policy

The journal is aimed at a broad readership, drawn not only from philosophy but also from the theoretical and the applied sciences, the humanities, professional organisations, R&D institutions, and policy-making sectors in political institutions and in business and industry.

The journal presents philosophical research in a way that is free from unnecessary technicalities, yet faithful to its technological contents. Its aim is not only to identify, explain and discuss problems, but also to suggest interpretations and constructive solutions. It considers the historical and social dimensions of technologies as a valuable context for understanding current philosophical issues arising from them.

The range of coverage is very broad and interdisciplinary. It includes classic problems in philosophy of technology and original approaches to them, theories of technology, methods and concepts in technology, as well as theoretical topics and topics dealing with practical problems concerning the nature, the development and the implications of technologies. Particular attention is paid to new areas of philosophical interest – such as nanotechnologies, medical, genetic and biotechnologies, neurotechnologies, information and communication technologies, AI and robotics, or the philosophy of engineering – and the philosophical discussion of issues such as environmental risks, globalization, security, or biological enhancements. The journal encourages submissions on the applications of philosophy of technology to other disciplines, such as computer science, cognitive science, jurisprudence, social studies of science, and the social sciences.