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Medicine | Aims and Scope: Review of Religious Research

Aims and Scope: Review of Religious Research

The Review of Religious Research (RRR) publishes empirical social science research on religion, primarily in the areas of sociology, social psychology and psychology.

RRR provides a forum for research across multiple themes and approaches, including: new religious movements, dynamics of denominational and congregational growth, individual and organizational variations in beliefs and practices, relation between personal spirituality and institutional religious involvement, conflict within congregations and denominations, religious experience, ethnic religious groups, religion and family life, religion and political behavior, comparative analyses of religious behavior and institutions.

Among the characteristics which distinguish RRR from other academic journals on the study of religion are its applied focus and the opportunities it offers for academics and denomination-based researchers to share their findings with each other. RRR aims to facilitate the sharing and comparing of applied studies between denominational and academic researchers.

RRR is the official quarterly journal of the Religious Research Association, Inc. It considers and publishes research articles, denominational research report summaries, and solicited book reviews.

Unsolicited book reviews and are not accepted for publication in the Review of Religious Research. If you would like to review a book for the journal, contact Book Review Editor Brian Miller at brian.miller@wheaton.edu