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Medicine | Aims and Scope: Central European Journal of Medicine

Aims and Scope: Central European Journal of Medicine

CEJMed as a broad title covers the following areas of medical sciences:

Anesthesiology and critical care
Biochemistry and biotechnology
Clinical microbiology and infections diseases
Clinical psychology and psychiatry
Forensic medicine
Gynecology and obstetrics
Internal medicine (cardiovascular medicine, nephrology, endocrinology, gerontology,
pulmonary medicine, hepatology)
Oncology and hematology
Ophthalmology and optometry
Pathology and experimental medicine
Pharmacology and toxicology
Public health, epidemiology and biostatistics
Reproductive medicine
Rheumatology and clinical immunology
Surgery and transplantology

CEJMed will also cover topics in medicine- and health-related disciplines like:
Medical law and ethics
Environmental and occupational medicine
Healthcare quality
Medical geography and travel medicine
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation