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Find out all about the partnership of Springer and the Medicine and Person Association.

About the Association 

Medicina & Persona
Medicine and Person has been founded in February 16, 1999 as an independent Association of Health Care Professionals, in times of radical changes and reforms in healthcare.

About the society journal 

The Journal of Medicine and the Person

In xxxx, the Journal of Medicine and the Person was founded. It is a quarterly peer-reviewed, international journal that publishes original scientific papers and state-of-the-art reviews of general interest with the aim of broadening knowledge and promoting discussion among health care professionals, with particular reference to the humanistic aspects of medicine.

About the cooperation with Springer 

As a member of "Medicina e Persona" you benefit from some personal services:
  • Full-text access to "The Journal of Medicine and the Person"
  • Free full-text access to a selection of Springer journals
  • 25% book discount on online purchases at springer.com
What you need to access journal content or receive 25% book discount is a "SpringerToken", which is given to you by the society. If you have received this SpringerToken already you can directly proceed to the "Member Login" below. Otherwise click the "Request a SpringerToken" link below.

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