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Journal of Fetal Medicine

Journal of Fetal Medicine

Editor-in-Chief: I.C. Verma; A. Khurana

ISSN: 2348-1153 (print version)

Journal no. 40556


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The aim of the journal will be to communicate the results of original research in India and elsewhere, in a variety of clinical and scientific specialties concerned with diagnosis and therapy of fetal abnormalities. All activities that promote health of the fetus will be carried out. The primary focus will of course on reporting the tremendous work being done in this area in India and other developing countries.

Peer Review
Once a manuscript is submitted online to the journal site, the initial step is a technical check by the publisher who also assesses the article for completeness, adherence to instructions for authors, inclusion of ethics and competing interest’s statements. Articles that pass the completeness are transferred to the Editor in Chief  who, after an initial appraisal, assigns the manuscript to one of the Associate Editors. Based on the overall opinion, articles may be rejected at the initial stage by the Editor in Chief or by the Associate Editors, or may be sent out by the latter for peer review. Often the Associate Editors themselves contribute to a detailed peer-review of the manuscripts.

For external peer review, the journal adheres to a double-blind process that mandates review of all original research and review manuscripts by at least two/three experts in the journal's reviewer database.  Clear and concise guidance is provided to the reviewers and periodic feedback is sought to maintain uniformity and objectiveness of the peer review process.

All review comments received are consolidated by the handling Associate Editor and transmitted by them to the Editor in Chief with her/his own recommendation. The Editor in Chief then takes a final decision. If the decision is to revise, the comments are then sent to the corresponding author. The revised version is sent out again for review (s) till the article meets the requisite acceptance standards of the journal. Occasionally, for articles designated for special issues, or deemed to be of high interest, rapid peer review is undertaken by a minimum of three editorial board members (always including the Editor in Chief) to reduce the turnaround time without compromising the rigorousness of the process.

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    Journal of Fetal Medicine is the official journal of the Society of Fetal Medicine affiliated with International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology. This is a peer-reviewed international journal featuring articles with special interest to fetal medicine specialists, geneticists and ulstrasonologists.

    The aim of the journal is to communicate the results of original research in the field of fetal medicine. It includes a variety of articles suitable for clinicians and scientific specialists concerned with diagnosis and therapy of fetal disorders. All articles on health promotion of the fetus are acceptable for publication. The major focus is on highlighting the work that has been carried out in India and other developing countries. It also includes articles written by experts from the West.

    Types of articles published:

    - Original research articles related to fetal care and basic research
    - Review articles
    - Consensus guidelines for diagnosis and treatment
    - Case reports
    - Images in Fetal Medicine
    - Brief communications

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    Copyright Information


    Background: There is increasing demand for prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders and malformations in India. Recent advances in technologies like ultrasound and molecular techniques enable prenatal diagnosis of a wide range of disorders. However facilities for prenatal diagnosis and management are inadequate in India. There is a need to form a society to increase awareness among the doctors, health care providers and public administrators about prenatal diagnosis and to stimulate the establishment of these facilities and train manpower to provide these services.


    Aims and Objectives: 

    The aims and objectives of the society shall be as under:

    a)      To constitute a forum of physicians, scientists, patients / parents and others interested in prenatal diagnosis and management of congenital disorders and genetic diseases

    b)      To advance and promote the science and practice in the area of prenatal diagnosis.

    c)       To explore, collect and spread information on recent advances and newer techniques relating to prenatal diagnosis.

    d)      To hold conferences, refresher courses, CMEs, orations, public lectures, seminars, workshops and exhibitions relating to prenatal diagnosis. 

    e)      To print, publish, exhibit periodicals, books, pamphlets, posters for the promotion of the objectives of the Society. 

    f)       Formulate views and make recommendations regarding i) teaching of concepts of prenatal diagnosis to undergraduates, postgraduates and medical practitioners; ii) Services for prenatal diagnosis and management of congenital malformations and prenatal diagnosis of various disorders

    g)      To interact with the Government of India regarding rules and regulations relating to prenatal diagnosis of various disorders. 

    h)      To develop and extend cooperation between similar societies in India and abroad.

    i)        To undertake all such activities as are incidental and conducive to the objectives of the society.


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