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Medicine - Critical Care & Emergency Medicine | Aims and Scope: Combination Products in Therapy

Aims and Scope: Combination Products in Therapy

Please note: Combination Products in Therapy is no longer accepting submissions. For information on our other journals or any other enquires please contact clare.shepherd@springer.com.

Combination Products in Therapy is an international, fully open access, peer-reviewed, rapid-publication journal focused on research around the discovery, development, delivery, and use of therapeutic and diagnostic combination products such as drug/device, biologic/device, drug/biologic, and drug/device/biologic combinations. 

The journal aims to bring together the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and drug delivery fields and provide expert opinion in the form of original research, reviews, case reports, brief reports, and commentaries across all fields of clinical medicine. Pharmacoeconomic, patient-reported outcomes, and quality of life studies are also encouraged, along with research relating to patient management and education.

The journal is of interest to a broad audience of pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals and publishes original research papers, drug reviews, case reports, brief reports, and commentaries.

Combination Products in Therapy offers a range of additional features designed to enhance the educational content of the research. Each article is accompanied by a bulleted slide summary for a time-efficient overview of the content. Articles also have the option to include slide sets, videos, animations, and/or enhanced learning resources. These features are published alongside the article on the bespoke journal website: www.combitherapy-open.com

Combination Products in Therapy also contains commissioned high-quality comprehensive reviews. These are written by well-respected individuals to fulfill unmet educational needs.

Combination Products in Therapy publishes supplements and special issues (in English or a local language). Material appropriate for supplements/special issues include: sponsored meeting proceedings, roundtable discussions, workshop reports, case series, and collections of articles on the same topic. All articles are subject to peer review, and must adhere to the IJCME and GPP policies on acknowledgments/disclosures. Proposals for supplements are welcomed, and should be addressed to nicola.cartridge@springer.com

Upon acceptance of your article for publication, you will be required to pay the article open access fee of £175/€200/$260 per printed page. This will enable you to keep the copyright; you are simply assigning the exclusive right to any commercial use of the article to Springer. Your article will be immediately and permanently available with open access.