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Medicine - Cardiology & Angiology | Journal of Nuclear Cardiology - incl. option to publish open access (Editorial Board)

Journal of Nuclear Cardiology

Journal of Nuclear Cardiology

Editor-in-Chief: Ami Iskandrian

ISSN: 1071-3581 (print version)
ISSN: 1532-6551 (electronic version)

Journal no. 12350

Ami E. Iskandrian, MD
Birmingham, Alabama

Leslee J. Shaw, PhD, Atlanta, Georgia

Manuel D. Cerqueira, MD, Cleveland, Ohio
Alberto Cuocolo, MD, Naples, Italy
Sharmila Dorbala, MD, MPH, Boston, Massachusetts
Ernest V. Garcia, PhD, Atlanta, Georgia
Fadi G. Hage, MD, Birmingham, Alabama
Philipp A. Kaufmann, MD,  Zurich, Switzerland
Mehran M. Sadeghi, MD, New Haven, Connecticut
Heinrich R. Schelbert, MD, PhD, Los Angeles, California
William A. VanDecker, MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD, Stanford, California

Charity J. Morgan, Birmingham, Alabama

Daniel S. Berman, MD, Los Angeles, California
Andrew J. Einstein, MD, PhD, New York, New York
Vasken Dilsizian, MD, Baltimore, Maryland
Henry M. D. Gewirtz, MD, Boston, Massachusetts

Jeroen J. Bax, MD, Leiden, The Netherlands
Rob S. B. Beanlands, MD, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Stephan Nekolla, MD, PhD, Munich, Germany
Nagara Tamaki, MD, Sapporo, Japan

Barry L. Zaret, MD, New Haven, Connecticut

George A. Beller, MD, Charlottesville, Virginia

Kristen Connell, PhD, Birmingham, Alabama

Daniel S. Berman (Chair), USA
Rory Hachamovitch, USA
Eliana Reyes, UK
Gary Heller, USA
Frans Wackers, USA

Brian Abbott,
Alia Abd El-Fattah, Egypt
Aiden Abidov, USA
Wanda Acampa, Italy
Wael AlJaroudi, Lebanon
Erick Alexanderson, Mexico
Adel H. Allam, Egypt
Kevin C. Allman, Australia
Mouaz Al-Mallah, Saudi Arabia
Kathikeyan Ananthasubramaniam, USA
James A. Arrighi, USA
Stephen L. Bacharach, USA
Timothy M. Bateman, USA
Frank Bengel, Germany
Steven R. Bergmann, USA
Nathan Better, Australia
Pradeep G. Bhambhvani, USA
Ron Blankstein, USA
Eli Botvinick, USA
Jamieson Bourque, USA
Richard Brunken, USA
Ronny R. Buechel, Switzerland
Dennis A. Calnon, USA
Paolo G. Camici, UK
Ignasi Carrio, Spain
James Case, USA
Panithaya Chareonthaitawee, USA
Benjamin Chow, Canada
Timothy F. Christian, USA
Terrance Chua, Singapore
Mylan Cohen, USA
S. James Cullom, USA
Habib Dakik, Lebanon
Rob deKemp, Canada
E. Gordon DePuey, USA
Marcelo F. Di Carli, USA
Rami Doukky, USA
Regina Druz, USA
Edward Ficaro, USA
Oliver Gaemperli, United Kingdom
James R. Galt, USA
Guido Germano, USA
Myron C. Gerson, USA
Raymond J. Gibbons, USA
Raffaele Giubbini, Italy
Robert Gropler, USA
Grant T. Gullberg, USA
Rory Hachamovitch, USA
Christopher L. Hansen, USA
Zuoxiang He, China
Gary V. Heller, USA
Robert C. Hendel, USA
Maureen Henneman, The Netherlands
Milena J. Henzlova, USA
Thomas A. Holly, USA 
Ora Israel,
Diwakar Jain, USA
Lynne Johnson, USA
Ban-An Khaw , USA
Michael A. King, USA
Juhani Knuuti, Finland
Avijit Lahiri, UK
Dominique Le Guludec, France
Dong Soo Lee, Korea
Jamshid Maddahi, USA
John Mahmarian, USA
Saurabh Malhotra, USA
Osvaldo Masoli, Argentina
Jennifer Mieres, USA
Todd Miller, USA
James K. Min, USA
Venkatesh L. Murthy, USA
Kenichi Nakajima, Japan
Tiomoaki Nakata, Japan
Jagat Narula, USA
Danilo Neglia, Italy
Ken Nichols, USA
Oberdan Parodi, Italy
Mario Petretta, Italy
Steven C. Port, USA
Eliana Reyes, UK
Terrence D. Ruddy, Canada
Raymond Russell, USA
Thomas H. Schindler, Switzerland
Markus Schwaiger, Germany
Ronald G. Schwartz, USA
Tali Sharir, Israel
Albert J. Sinusas, USA
Piotr Slomka, USA
Prem Soman, USA
Robert Soufer, USA
H. William Strauss, USA
Raymond Taillefer, Canada
Ahmed Tawakol, USA
Gregory S. Thomas, USA
Randall C. Thompson, USA
Peter Tilkemeier, USA
Mark Travin, USA
James E. Udelson, USA
S. Richard Underwood, UK
Gerald Vanzetto, France
Nestor A. Vita, Argentina
Joao Vitola, Brazil
Frans J. Th. Wackers, USA
R. Glenn Wells, Canada
William Wijns, Belgium
Kim A. Williams, USA
Keiichiro Yoshinaga, Japan
Michael Zellweger, Switzerland
Jack Ziffer, USA

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    Aims and Scope


    Journal of Nuclear Cardiology is the only journal in the world devoted to this dynamic and growing subspecialty. Physicians and technologists value the Journal not only for its peer-reviewed articles, but also for its timely discussions about the current and future role of nuclear cardiology. Original articles address all aspects of nuclear cardiology, including interpretation, diagnosis, imaging equipment, and use of radiopharmaceuticals. As the official publication of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, the Journal also brings readers the latest information emerging from the Society's task forces and publishes guidelines and position papers as they are adopted.

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