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SBMAC SpringerBriefs

SBMAC, in cooperation with Springer, are proud to announce the SBMAC SpringerBriefs publications.

SBMAC SpringerBriefs publishes relevant contributions in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences within the SpringerBriefs in Mathematics series.

Editorial Board 

Luis Gustavo Nonato, University of São Paulo (USP-ICMC) – gnonato@icmc.usp.br
Paulo J. S. Silva, University of Campinas (UNICAMP) – pjssilva@ime.unicamp.br

About SpringerBriefs in Mathematics  

SpringerBriefs in Mathematics showcase expositions in all areas of mathematics and applied mathematics. Manuscripts presenting new results or a single new result in a classical field, new field, or an emerging topic, applications, or bridges between new results and already published works, are encouraged. The series is intended for mathematicians and applied mathematicians.

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Submit your proposal to the Editorial Board or to:
Robinson Nelson dos Santos, Associate Editor, Mathematics


The Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática Aplicada e Computacional (Brazilian Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics, SBMAC) was established with the purpose to:
• bring together professionals, students and institutions interested in applied and computational mathematics
• encourage teaching, research and development of applied and computational mathematics in Brazil
• stimulate the improvement of the teaching of applied and computational mathematics at all levels
• promote, through meetings, congresses, conferences, courses and publications, knowledge, information and opinions which have as their objective the dissemination of science and community interests in applied and computational mathematics
• encourage the dissemination of knowledge of applied and computational mathematics, with the publication of textbooks and monographs, and other means of communication;
• encourage better use and better distribution of scientific personnel in the field of applied and computational mathematics and better planning of training of specialists needed for the development of the country.
Today SBMAC has established itself as a professional association focusing on applied mathematics, both computational and industrial. The society is active in furthering the development of mathematics and its applications in scientific, technological and industrial fields. The Brazilian Society of Applied and Computational Mathematics has helped in developing the applications of mathematics in science, technology and industry, encourage the development and implementation of effective methods and mathematical techniques to be applied for the benefit of science and Technology and promote the exchange of ideas and information between the areas of mathematical applications.

Published Books in this Series