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Mathematics | Lettera Matematica Pristem

Lettera Matematica Pristem

Lettera Matematica Pristem

Direttore Responsabile: Angelo Guerraggio

ISSN: 1593-5884 (print version)
ISSN: 1970-6820 (electronic version)

Journal no. 10031

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Ceased publication as of the year 2018/volume 107.

Related subjects » Mathematics

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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    La rivista aspira ad essere un punto di riferimento per chi vuole continuare ad approfondire il proprio aggiornamento, per chi desidera seguire il dibattito storico e metodologico ed essere informato delle notizie che riguardano il mondo matematico. Affronta temi legati alla ricerca matematica, ma coltiva l'ambizione di discutere e riflettere sulla società e i suoi rapporti con la cultura scientifica, sottolineando il contributo che il matematico, come ogni intellettuale, può e deve dare allo sviluppo e alla crescita equilibrata della società.

    È per questo che, a fianco di interventi legati alla storia della matematica, vi trovano spazio saggi sulle scienze applicate e la loro ricaduta sociale, riflessioni e proposte sulla didattica della matematica, presentazioni di libri e convegni.

    Dal 1997 la rivista è pubblicata da Springer-Verlag Italia.

    Memo for authors/editors on the use of images in Springer/Birkhäuser publications

    ·         Credit appropriately all images in the caption
    ·         Do not use images from the internet before checking the original source and copyright
    ·         Obtain permissions for both print and electronic format
    ·         Even if the artist/author has been dead for more than 70 years, the copyright of his art may not be free
    ·         Images already used in Springer publications cannot be reused without asking permission again

    1. Basics As an author/editor, you are responsible for checking the legal status of the images you intend to use in your manuscript. For images that are not created by yourself, it is likely that you need to ask permission from the copyright holders. A “freely available” image is not necessarily free from copyright.

    2. Images from a publication by Springer or another publisher If you want to use an image previously published in a Springer publication, you must first find out if the copyright of the image is held by Springer or by a third party. In most cases the copyright of an image in a publication is not owned by the publisher, but has merely been licensed to the publisher for that particular publication. If Springer holds the copyright of an image, permission has to be requested via http://www.springer.com/gp/rights-permissions/obtaining-permissions/882

    For images owned by other publishers, please request permission via the Copyright Clearance Center: www.copyright.com

    3. Images from the Internet  There are many cases on Wikipedia (and other websites) of people posting content such as images or literary works and applying creative commons licenses to them, even though they are not the rights-holder and have no claim to the content. It is not acceptable to use such items simply because it is possible to obtain a creative commons license from Wikipedia. Such licenses would have no legal validity as they were not issued by the rights-holder.

    4. Specific cases

    Photographs of persons: Not only does the photographer own the rights to his picture, but also the photographed person needs to give his/her permissions.
    Photographs of building: Buildings and Architecture are considered to be artistic works and therefore may be protected by copyright.
    Photographs from museums: Galleries/museums often restrict photography of items in their collection so that their images of those items are the only ones that are available.

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