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Aims and Scope: Dialectical Anthropology

Dialectical Anthropology is an international journal that seeks to invigorate discussion among left intellectuals by publishing peer-reviewed articles, editorials, letters, reports from the field, political exchanges, and book reviews that foster open debate through criticism, research and commentary from across the social sciences and humanities. We provide a forum for work with a pronounced dialectical approach to social theory and political practice for scholars and activists working in Marxist and broadly political-economic traditions, and those who wish to be in dialogue or debate with these traditions. Since 1975, Dialectical Anthropology has been dedicated to the transformation of class society through internationalizing conversations about the stakes of contemporary crises and the means for social change.

Our format is shaped by these goals. Following peer review, accepted manuscripts are sent to select scholars and activists whose comments are published with the article and a reply by the manuscript author. These exchanges aim to provide space for comment, criticism, agreement, and disagreement, about significant issues of our time, from a broad range of perspectives. We also publish timely reports from the field by scholars, activists, and informants. Our "Dialectical Forum" is dedicated to back-and-forth discussion among scholars and activists. Finally, our book review section rejects the traditional 1000 word format in favour of substantial essays that analyse several books or other significant texts in a dialectical way and contextualize them within contemporary politics, economics, society and culture.

We invite contributions from authors interested in raising the level of political engagement internationally and across disciplinary divides and welcome participation by scholars, activists, and commentators from all perspectives seeking discussion about the union of theory and practice towards significant social change. Dialectical Anthropology is committed to reaching beyond an Anglophone readership and encourages submissions, dialogue and active participation in languages other than English. The journal will publish these submissions to the extent that its resources and capabilities allow. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the Springer Website at http://dial.edmgr.com and should include abstract, five keywords, and three suggested reviewers.