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Mathematics - Analysis | Aims and Scope: Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

Aims and Scope: Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis (FCAA) is a specialized international journal based on worldwide editorship, authorship and readership. Since its beginning in 1998, the journal aims to be the most prestigious and suitable forum for publication of high quality original results and surveys on the FCAA topics, for exchange of ideas, discussions, open problems and announcements on recent and forthcoming books and events in the area. It was conceived as a meeting place for pure and applied mathematicians, theoretical physicists and researchers in other natural and social sciences, engineers, and all interested in FCAA topics.
After 13 years of publication history at IMI - BAS (http://www.math.bas.bg/index_classic.html,
archives at: http://www.math.bas.bg/~fcaa , http://www.diogenes.bg/fcaa),
the FCAA journal is now co-published by  Versita and Springer.

The primary topics of FCAA are:
  - Fractional Calculus
  - Special Functions and Integral Transforms, related to Fractional Calculus
  - Fractional Order Differential and Integral Equations and Systems
  - Mathematical Models of Phenomena, described by the above topics

Secondary topics of FCAA include related areas of applied analysis, such as:
  - Algebraic Analysis, Operational and Convolutional Calculi
  - Generalized Functions, Harmonic Analysis
  - Series, Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions of Mathematical Physics
  - Numerical and Approximation Methods, Computational Procedures and
    Algorithms, related to the Primary FCAA topics
  - Fractional Stochastic Processes
  - Fractal and Integral Geometry

Applications of these techniques to:
  - Differential and Integral Equations, Problems of Mathematical Physics
  - Control Theory, Mechanics, Probability and Statistics, Finances, Engineering, etc.

Other contributions:
If revealing connections between Fractional Calculus and the
     above-mentioned topics to model problems of the real physical and social world

Suggested MSC 2010 entries: (link http://msc2010.org/msc2010final2-Aug10.pdf)
  - 26A33; 33E12, 34A08, 34K37, 35R11, 60G22 (primary)
  - 30C45, 30E15, 31B15, 33C60, 33E30, 34A25, 42A45, 42C10,
    44A20, 44A35, 44A40, 45E10, 93B60, 93D09, 05C72, etc. (secondary)