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Materials | Aims and Scope: The European Physical Journal Special Topics

Aims and Scope: The European Physical Journal Special Topics

EPJ - Special Topics (EPJ ST) publishes topical issues which are collections of review-type articles or extensive, detailed progress reports. Each issue is focused on a specific subject matter of topical interest.   

The journal scope covers the whole spectrum of pure and applied physics, including related subjects such as Materials Science, Physical Biology, Physical Chemistry, and Complex Systems.

Only proposals for a complete issue will be considered.  

Proposals will be refereed and should be submitted to either
Agnès Henri, EDP Sciences, agnes.henri@edpsciences.org or
Christian Caron, Springer, christian.caron@springer.com

Discussion and Debate Issues

The journal offers a new feature in form of Discussion and Debate issues. The aim of such topical issues is the balanced critical presentation of specific unsolved problems, controversial topics, rival theories, alternative methodologies, and negative results of interest at the cutting edge of scientific and technological development.   

Discussion and Debate Editors:

Eshel Ben-Jacob, Tel Aviv, Israel
Len Pismen, Haifa, Israel
Yves Pomeau, Paris, France
Manuel G. Velarde, Madrid, Spain