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Ceramics: Hand Picked Papers

Editor-in-Chief C. Barry Carter has hand-selected the following Ceramics papers from the Journal of Materials Science as especially noteworthy.

Probing material properties with sharp indenters: a retrospective 

Brian R. Lawn and Robert F. Cook

From micro to nanocrystalline diamond grown on 3D porous titanium matrix 

N. A. Braga, M. R. Baldan and N. G. Ferreira

The structure and mechanics of bone 

John D. Currey

The diversity of combustion synthesis processing: a review 

K. Morsi

Magnetic and luminescent properties of Fe3O4@Y2O3:Eu3+ nanocomposites 

Lizhu Tong, Deming Liu, Jianhui Shi, Xuwei Yang and Hua Yang

In situ preparation, morphology and electrical properties of carbon nanofiber/polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposites 

Nabarun Roy and Anil K. Bhowmick

Composition and temperature-induced structure evolution in Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based solid solutions 

Feifei Wang, Min Xu, Chung Ming Leung, Yanxue Tang and Tao Wang, et al.

Preparation of porous spherical ZrO2–SiO2 composite particles using templating and its solid acidity by H2SO4 treatment 

Shuhei Uchiyama, Toshihiro Isobe, Sachiko Matsushita, Kiyotaka Nakajima and Michikazu Hara, et al.

Thermal conductivity of geomaterial foams based on silica fume 

J. Bourret, E. Prud’homme, S. Rossignol and D. S. Smith

Hexagonal nickel oxide nanoplate-based electrochemical supercapacitor 

Zhihong Zhu, Jing Ping, Xiaopeng Huang, Jiugang Hu and Qiyuan Chen, et al.

Glass–ceramic glazes for ceramic tiles: a review 

R. Casasola, J. Ma Rincón and M. Romero

Bioactive ceramics: processing, structures and properties 

Judith A. Juhasz and Serena M. Best

Synthesis and cytocompatibility of manganese (II) and iron (III) substituted hydroxyapatite nanoparticles 

Yan Li, Jasmine Widodo, Sierin Lim and Chui Ping Ooi

Synthesis and capacitive property of δ-MnO2 with large surface area 

Xin Zhang, Xiaopei Chang, Na Chen, Kuan Wang and Liping Kang, et al.

The influence of nano-silica on the hydration of ordinary Portland cement 

G. Land and D. Stephan

A facile synthesis of graphene–metal (Pb, Zn, Cd, Mn) sulfide composites 

Xiaoqi Fu, Tingshun Jiang, Qian Zhao and Hengbo Yin

Effect of annealing on the structural, electrical and magnetic properties of Gd-implanted ZnO thin films 

P. P. Murmu, J. Kennedy, B. J. Ruck, G. V. M. Williams and A. Markwitz, et al.

Synthesis of porous oxide ceramics using a soft responsive scaffold 

Agathe C. Fournier and Kathryn M. McGrath

Preparation and characterisation of chromium-doped cobalt oxide spinel thin films 

V. Vannier, M. Schenk, K. Kohse-Höinghaus and N. Bahlawane

Well-organized 3D urchin-like hierarchical TiO2 microspheres with high photocatalytic activity 

Liqin Xiang, Xiaopeng Zhao, Jianbo Yin and Baolin Fan

Textured BaTi2O5 ceramic synthesized by laser rapid solidification method and its dielectric properties 

Junji Zhang, Jumei Yu, Mingju Chao, Erjun Liang and Mingyu Li, et al.

Dielectric properties of Ba4Ti13O30 film prepared by laser chemical vapor deposition 

Dongyun Guo, Akihiko Ito, Takashi Goto, Rong Tu and Chuanbin Wang, et al.

V. A. Khomchenko, I. O. Troyanchuk, D. V. Karpinsky and J. A. Paixão 

Structural and magnetic phase transitions in Bi1−xPrxFeO3 perovskites

Structure of multilayer ZrO2/SrTiO3 

Wei Li Cheah and Michael W. Finnis

B. B. Straumal, B. Baretzky, O. A. Kogtenkova, A. S. Gornakova and V. G. Sursaeva 

Faceting–roughening of twin grain boundaries

Microstructural engineering of ZnO-based varistor ceramics 

Aleksander Rečnik, Slavko Bernik and Nina Daneu

A phase field model of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 

W. Gathright, M. Jensen and D. Lewis

BiFeO3-modified (Li, K, Na)(Nb, Ta)O3 lead-free piezoelectric ceramics with temperature-stable piezoelectric property and enhanced mechanical strength 

Jia-Jun Zhou, Jing-Feng Li and Xiao-Wen Zhang

Synthesis and electrochemical performance of spherical FeF3/ACMB composite as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries 

Li Liu, Meng Zhou, Xingyan Wang, Zhenhua Yang and Fanghua Tian, et al.

Synthesis of linear ZnO structures by a thermal decomposition method and their characterisation 

K. K. Devarepally, D. C. Cox, A. T. Fry, V. Stolojan and R. J. Curry, et al.

Effect of chemical environments on palladium phthalocyanine thin film sensors for humidity analysis 

Mohammad Javad Jafari, Mohammad Esmaeil Azim-Araghi and Samira Barhemat

SBE type cobalt-aluminophosphates (Co/Al ~ 1): synthesis aging effect, detemplation mechanism from coupled TGA/FTIR analyses, and structural stability after detemplation 

Andrea C. Cabanzo-Olarte, Sol M. Maldonado-Avilés and Arturo J. Hernández-Maldonado

One-pot synthesis of nickel oxide–carbon composite microspheres on nickel foam for supercapacitors 

Yan Wang, Shuangxi Xing, Enrui Zhang, Jiatong Wei and Hui Suo, et al.

NIR-excited NIR and visible luminescent properties of amphipathic YVO4: Er3+/Yb3+ nanoparticles 

Takaaki Taniguchi, Kohei Soga, Kimikazu Tokuzen, Katsuya Tsujiuchi and Takuro Kidokoro, et al.

Microwave adsorption of core–shell structured Sr(MnTi)xFe12−2xO19/PANI composites 

H. M. Kuo, Te-Fa Hsui, Y. S. Tuo and C. L. Yuan

Characterization of ZrO2 thin films deposited by MOCVD as ceramic coatings 

A. M. Torres-Huerta, M. A. Domínguez-Crespo, E. Onofre-Bustamante and A. Flores-Vela

Advanced titania nanostructures and composites for lithium ion battery 

Xin Su, QingLiu Wu, Xin Zhan, Ji Wu and Suying Wei, et al.

Effects of Nb2O5 addition on the microstructure, electrical, and mechanical properties of PZT/ZnO nanowhisker piezoelectric composites 

Da-Wei Wang, Jie Yuan, Hong-Bo Li, Ran Lu and Quan-Liang Zhao, et al.

An alternative method to modify the sensitivity of p-type NiFe2O4 gas sensor 

A. Sutka, M. Stingaciu, G. Mezinskis and A. Lusis

Strain- and strain-rate-dependent mechanical properties and behaviors of Cu3Sn compound using molecular dynamics simulation 

Hsien-Chie Cheng, Ching-Feng Yu and Wen-Hwa Chen

Synthesis and photocatalytic performance of TiO2 nanospheres–graphene nanocomposite under visible and UV light irradiation 

Malgorzata Wojtoniszak, Beata Zielinska, Xuecheng Chen, Ryszard J. Kalenczuk and Ewa Borowiak-Palen

Piezoelectric and dielectric properties of Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3–Bi0.5K0.5TiO3–Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3 lead-free piezoelectric ceramics 

Feng Ni, Laihui Luo, Xiaoyin Pan, Yuepin Zhang and Hongbing Chen

Connecting the macro and microstrain responses in technical porous ceramics. Part II: microcracking 

Giovanni Bruno, Alexander M. Efremov, Chong P. An, Bryan R. Wheaton and Darren J. Hughes

Materials development for intermediate-temperature solid oxide electrochemical devices 

Ainara Aguadero, Lydia Fawcett, Samuel Taub, Russell Woolley and Kuan-Ting Wu, et al.

Graphene oxide: the mechanisms of oxidation and exfoliation 

Guilin Shao, Yonggen Lu, Fangfang Wu, Changling Yang and Fanlong Zeng, et al.

Effect of CuO on the microstructure and electrical properties of Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.90Zr0.10O3 piezoceramics 

Tao Chen, Ting Zhang, Guangchang Wang, Jifang Zhou and Jianwei Zhang, et al.

Human health hazards of persistent inorganic and carbon nanoparticles 

L. Reijnders

Effects of heating rate and DC electric field during sintering on the grain size distribution in fully sintered tetragonal zirconia polycrystals stabilized with 3% molar yttria (3Y-TZP) 

John Obare, William D. Griffin and Hans Conrad

Thermal expansion behavior of hollow glass particle/vinyl ester composites 

Vasanth Chakravarthy Shunmugasamy, Dinesh Pinisetty and Nikhil Gupta

New software tools for the calculation and display of isolated and attached interfacial-energy minimizing particle shapes 

Rachel V. Zucker, Dominique Chatain, Ulrich Dahmen, Serge Hagège, W. Craig Carter