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Journal of Electronic Materials

Journal of Electronic Materials

Editor-in-Chief: Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik

ISSN: 0361-5235 (print version)

Journal no. 11664

Highly Cited Articles

Read a selection of highly cited articles from the Journal of Electronic Materials.

Precipitation Synthesis, Characterization, Morphological Control, and Photocatalyst Application of ZnWO4 Nanoparticles 

S. Mostafa Hosseinpour-Mashkani, Mahnaz Maddahfar, Ali Sobhani-Nasab

AC Hopping Conductance in Nanocomposite Films with Ferromagnetic Alloy Nanoparticles in a PbZrTiO3 Matrix 

T.N. Koltunowicz, P. Zukowski, O. Boiko, A. Saad, J.A. Fedotova, A.K. Fedotov, A.V. Larkin, J. Kasiuk

Structural, Optical, and Electrical Characterization of Monoclinic β-Ga2O3 Grown by MOVPE on Sapphire Substrates 

Marko J. Tadjer, Michael A. Mastro, Nadeemullah A. Mahadik, Marc Currie Virginia, D. Wheeler, Jaime A. Freitas Jr., Jordan D. Greenlee, Jennifer K. HiteKarl, D. Hobart, Charles R. Eddy Jr., Fritz J. Kub

Polarization-Independent, Thin, Broadband Metamaterial Absorber Using Double-Circle Rings Loaded with Lumped Resistances 

Junfeng Chen, Xiutao Huang, Gebru Zerihun, Zhaoyang Hu, Shengming Wang, Guodong Wang, Xiwei HuMinghai Liu

Synthesis and Characterization of YVO4-Based Phosphor Doped with Eu3+ Ions for Display Devices 

Shashi Thakur, Arvind K. GATHANIA

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    The Journal of Electronic Materials reports on the science and technology of electronic materials, while examining new applications for semiconductors, magnetic alloys, insulators, and optical and display materials. It strives to publish papers of interest to both non-specialists and specialists in the electronic materials field.

    The journal contains technical papers detailing critical new developments in the electronics field, as well as invited and contributed review papers on topics of current interest.

    There are four types of papers published in JEM:

    • Regular issue papers deal with new and original work
    • Letters are research papers
    • Reviews are lengthy papers that cover a certain area of research
    • Special Issue papers are so designated when ten or more papers on new and original research on the same topic are presented in the same issue; special section papers include six to nine papers concerned with research on the same topic.

    The Journal of Electronic Materials (JEM) reports monthly on the science and technology of electronic materials, while examining new applications for semiconductors, magnetic alloys, dielectrics, nanoscale materials, and photonic materials. The journal welcomes articles on methods for preparing and evaluating the chemical, physical, electronic, and optical properties of these materials. Specific areas of interest are materials for state-of-the-art transistors, nanotechnology, electronic packaging, detectors, emitters, metallization, superconductivity, and energy applications.

    All submissions to the Journal of Electronic Materials must be within its scope, and advance scientific knowledge by addressing important questions relevant for the research of electronic materials.  Specifically, the report should make substantial advancement in understanding properties of electronic materials and closely related disciplines. It is equally important that any submission should adhere to the highest principles of scientific ethics.

    Review papers on current topics enable individuals in the field of electronics to keep abreast of activities in areas peripheral to their own. JEM also publishes select papers from conferences such as the Electronic Materials Conference, the U.S. Workshop on the Physics and Chemistry of II-VI Materials, and the International Conference on Thermoelectrics. The journal benefits both specialists and non-specialists in the electronic materials field.

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