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Engineering - Mechanics | Aims and Scope: Journal of Mountain Science

Aims and Scope: Journal of Mountain Science

The Journal of Mountain Science (JMS) is devoted to mountains and their surrounding lowlands - ecoregions of particular global importance, with a particular emphasis on the important highlands/ mountains in the world, such as the Tibetan Plateau, the Himalayas, the Alps, the Andes, the Rockies and many other mountain ranges of our planet.

JMS mainly publishes academic and technical papers concerning environmental changes and sustainable development in mountain areas under natural conditions or / and with the influence of human activities.

And it also accepts book reviews and reports on mountain research and introductions to mountain research organizations.

This journal pays particular attention to the relationships between mountain environment changes and human activities, including the processes, characteristics and restoration of mountain ecosystem degradation; dynamic processes, and the theory and methods of controlling mountain hazards, such as debris, landslides and soil erosion; the protection and development of special mountain resources; culture diversity and local economic development in mountain regions; and ethnic issues and social welfare in mountain areas.

Academic papers should display universal, strategic and innovative characteristics in both theory and practice. Technical papers should report on development programmes, project planning and community actions.

We especially welcome papers which emphasize the application of new technologies, such as GIS and remote sensing, in mountain research and development, and the papers on new concepts and new methods deriving from disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in mountains.