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Materials - Characterization & Evaluation of Materials | Aims and Scope: Mechanics of Composite Materials

Aims and Scope: Mechanics of Composite Materials

Mechanics of Composite Materials encourages publication of original experimental and theoretical research on the mechanical properties and behavior of composite materials as well as matrices and fibres.

Among the areas emphasized are:

  • Strength and fracture;
  • Damage mechanics and fatigue;
  • Numerical methods and optimal design of structures;
  • Prediction of long-term properties, effect of environment, ageing;
  • Nondestructive testing;
  • Mechanical aspects of technology, rheology of polymer melts and biocomposites.

This bimonthly journal is a translation of the major Russian language journal, Mekhanika Kompozitnykh Materialov. Following the establishment of an International Advisory Board, scientists from the West are encouraged to contribute, providing a unique opportunity for mutual collaboration.

The Russian Volume Year is published in English from April.
All articles are peer-reviewed.