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Life Sciences | Reinhard Rieger Award in Zoomorphology

Reinhard Rieger Award in Zoomorphology

The Reinhard Rieger Award is given in memory of the zoologist Reinhard Rieger (1943 – 2006). The prize is awarded annually for outstanding research in the field of zoomorphology.
The award will recognize an outstanding unpublished article from the entire spectrum of functional and evolutionary morphology in the animal kingdom. It is sponsored by the two publishers John Wiley & Sons and Springer, and also by the Institute of Zoology at the University of Innsbruck. It consists of a grant of $ 3000 and the distinguished publication of the manuscript either in the “Journal of Morphology” or in “Zoomorphology”.
The selection committee includes the chief executive editors of the two journals, members of the Division of Ultrastructural Research and Evolutionary Biology at the Institute of Zoology, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck. Individual committee members are: M.S. Fischer (University of Jena), A. Goldschmid (University of Salzburg), F.W. Harrison (Editor emer., J. of Morphology), R. Kristensen, (University of Copenhagen), A. Minelli (University of Padova), S. Tyler (University of Maine), W. Westheide (University of Osnabrück). Outside reviewers will also be consulted.

1st Prize: 

Ekin Tilic, Jörn von Döhren, Björn Quast, Patrick Beckers & Thomas Bartolomaeus.
for the paper:
Phylogenetic Significance of Chaetal Arrangement and Chaetogenesis in Maldanidae (Annelida).
ZOOMORPHOLOGY 134: 383-401 (2015)

2nd Prize: 

Alf S. Dalum, Lars Austbø, Håvard Bjørgen, Karsten Skjødt, Ivar Hordvik, Tom Hansen, Per G. Fjelldal, Charles McL Press, David J. Griffiths, and Erling O. Koppang.
for the paper:
The Interbranchial Lymphoid Tissue of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L) Extends as a Diffuse Mucosal Lymphoid Tissue throughout the Trailing Edge of the Gill Filament.
JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 276: 1075–1088 (2015)

Your papers are welcome! 

Manuscripts for the journal 'Zoomorphology' should be submitted in electronic form (PDF-files).