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Life Sciences - Evolutionary & Developmental Biology - Darwin Year 2009 | Darwin Year 2009


Evolution: Education and Outreach

The journal connects teachers with scientists by adapting cutting-edge, peer reviewed articles for classroom use on a variety of instructional levels. ... More


Naturwissenschaften - the Science of Nature

Springer’s flagship multidisciplinary science journal covering all aspect of the natural sciences.
Discover the special issue 'Beyond the Origin: Charles Darwin and Modern Biology' (Guest Editor U. Kutschera). ... More


Development Genes and Evolution

Publishes high quality reports on all major aspects of development biology with a special emphasis on articles that deal with evolutionary questions. The journal reports on experimental work at the systemic, cellular and molecular level. ... More


Evolutionary Biology

A conceptually oriented journal of basic biology at the interface of ecology and evolution publishing original research, reviews and discussion papers. ... More


Journal of Mammalian Evolution

A multidisciplinary forum devoted to studies on the comparative morphology, molecular biology, paleobiology, genetics, developmental and reproductive biology, biogeography, systematics, ethology and ecology, and population dynamics of mammals. ... More



Life as Its Own Designer - Darwin's Origin and Western Thought

This book is both timely and vital. Past attempts at a third way to view evolution have failed because they were written either by scientists who lacked a philosophical grounding or New Age thinkers who lacked biological credibility. ... More


E.O. Wilson and B.F. Skinner: A Dialogue Between Sociobiology and Radical Behaviorism

The book challenges readers to push beyond the boundaries of Wilson and Skinner, suggest relationships to current work, and inspire curiosity regarding how that work can provide additional insight to the biological basis of human culture. During this sesquicen




Biology & Philosophy

This journal answers the need for meta-theoretical analysis, both about the very nature of biology, as well as about its social implications.

Biology and Philosophy is aimed at a broad readership, drawn from both the sciences and the humanities. The journal s


Evolutionary Ecology

A conceptually oriented journal of basic biology at the interface of ecology and evolution. ... More


Journal of the History of Biology

Devoted to the history of the biological sciences, with additional interest and concern in philosophical and social issues confronting biology. While all historical epochs are touched upon, the journal pays particular attention to developments during the ninet


Journal of Molecular Evolution

Covers experimental and theoretical work aimed at deciphering features of molecular evolution and the processes bearing on these features, from the initial formation of macromolecular systems onward. ... More


The Philosophy of Zoology Before Darwin

This book is presents a thorough historical survey of the development of the concept of evolution before the publication of Darwin’s 'The Origin of Species' ... More


A Natural Calling - Life, Letters and Diaries of Charles Darwin an

Presents new factual material on Charles Darwin, following many years of research into Darwin’s relationship to his cousin William Darwin Fox. The book is a biographical and historical account of the letters exchanged by these two men.


The Joy of Science

An Examination of How Scientists Ask and Answer Questions Using the Story of Evolution as a Paradigm. ... More

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Gott oder Darwin?

Vernünftiges Reden über Schöpfung und Evolution ... More

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Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology

Popular and professional interest in vertebrate paleobiology and paleoanthropology has burgeoned in the past twenty years. This series publishes books of the highest quality in these and related areas.
... More


Developments in Primatology

This book series melds the facts of organic diversity with the continuity of the evolutionary process. ... More