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Introducing the revised SpringerLink platform

Springer has relaunched its online platform SpringerLink. The service, which hosts nearly five million documents, including eBooks, journals and reference works, has been re-designed to provide a fresh, new concept that includes semantic linking and connects related content across eBooks and journals. In a single resource, Springer customers have access to online journals, eBooks and eReference Works, accessible from a single, easy-to-use interface.
What’s more, SpringerLink’s new semantic indexing capability allows for the digital fingerprint of documents to be analyzed and compared, returning all available content that is most relevant for the user’s search term.

Other new features available in SpringerLink include: 

  • Ability to browse collection by subject
  • Integration of online journals, eBooks and eReference works, accessible from a single user interface
  • Enhanced browsing features, including the ability to browse book chapters and instantly download content
  • Improved search functionality, including the ability to search by citation
  • PDF previews of eBook chapters to allow the relevancy of eBooks to be checked prior to accessing the content
  • Links to related content from journal articles and eBook chapters to further enhance the user experience

SpringerLink Training Webinars 

A series of SpringerLink training webinars are currently taking place. Additional pre-recorded training sessions are also available online, currently in Spanish and German, but we are working to expand this collection to include sessions in English, French and Italian. If you have other training needs, please contact your Springer sales representative.

SpringerLink Training Contact  

For further support on SpringerLink, please contact springerlink@springer.com for any issues related to access or accounts and support.springerlink@springer.com for any issues related to functionality and development.
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