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SpringerMaterials, The Landolt-Börnstein Database is the world’s largest resource for Physical & Chemical Data in Materials Science. It now contains 250,000 Substances & Material Systems, 3,000 Properties, and 1,200,000 Literature Citations. Springer adds new content regularly to keep it at the forefront of materials science. See what’s new for 2010.

What was included at the time of the launch of SpringerMaterials in October 2009? 

In the first step, the unequalled wealth of information contained in Landolt-Börnstein needed to be made searchable and accessible in a much better and faster way. We introduced SpringerMaterials in October 2009 planning to add new content early in 2010.
We added 40,000 documents on chemical safety that companies and research institutions can use to comply with REACH requirements. REACH is a European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use that deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances. Extensive information is available on substances’ chemical and physical properties, hazards and safe use data, toxicity data, and the impact of chemicals on the environment.

What else is new? 

In March 2010, the Database on Inorganic Solid Phases was added to SpringerMaterials.
The Linus Pauling Files Multinaries Edition - 2008 is the most comprehensive database on inorganic solid phases and is essential for materials scientists, chemists, and physicists. All data are normalized and standardized according to the International Union of Crystallography standards.
The database consists of three data collections with a total of 190,000 data sheets:
  • structure/diffraction data (123,000 data sheets
  • phase diagrams (23,000 data sheets)
  • physical properties (44,000 data sheets)
We also added Database on Thermophysical Properties, a subset of the DDBST (Dortmund Data Bank Software & Separation Technology). It contains thermophysical properties of the 50 most important organic liquids plus water and their 1225 binary mixtures. More than 300,000 data points are now available with this newly added database.
Thermophysical data are essential information for chemical engineers, chemists, and physicists.
And not to forget, five new Landolt-Börnstein volumes have also been added in March.
SpringerMaterials is the most comprehensive and timely resource of physical data on the market and by adding new content regularly we keep it at the forefront of materials science.

Will customers be charged for this additional content? 

No, all customers who have purchased a license will automatically have access to this additional content as our licensing model is based on access to the complete database.
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