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New Location Journal and eBook Usage Statistics

The SpringerLink usage statistics are now available on the administrator section on SpringerLink. As of today, SpringerLink administrators can download their institutions usage statistics from springerlink.com instead of the MetaPress Admin site.

At the same time Springer introduces the eBook usage reports. All licensed Springer eBook customers can now download the eBook usage reports for their institutions.

New location Usage Statistics 

The usage reports have been moved to the Institution Home on SpringerLink.
SpringerLink administrators can use their current administrator username and password to login on springerlink.com. You can visit springer.com/librarians for a step by step guide on how to download the statistics.
At the moment the usage reports are the only functionality that has moved from the MetaPress Admin site to SpringerLink. We will inform you when the other functionalities of the Institution Home will become available, but for now you can continue to use the MetaPress Admin site to manage your users and access.

New: eBook Statistics 

Springer eBook customers can now also access their usage statistics on SpringerLink dating back to the original activation of their eBook access. The eBook usage statistics are available according the COUNTER code of practice (more info on COUNTER is available on: www.projectcounter.org.
Springer offers 'COUNTER Book Report 2': This report shows the number of section views by single title by month, including YTD (Year To Date) total. A section view is the download / view on screen in either PDF or HTML of a chapter in a book or single entry in a dictionary or reference work. Diagrams, Images, Tables and Electronic Supplementary Material, which are not a section of itself but within a section are not counted separately. The platform, ISBN and/or ISSN (if applicable) are listed as well.

Springer Book Series  

The statistics for the Springer Book Series will from now on also be part of the eBooks report. Until now they were included in the journal reports.

Download the Step by Step Manual

3 easy steps to download your institution's usage statistics ... More