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Corporate Licensing Contacts Americas 

  • Michael Aparicio

    Michael Aparicio

    Sales Director Corporate Markets (Non-Pharma/Health)

    Phone: 212.460.1563
    Fax: 212.460.1518

  • James DeFalco

    James DeFalco

    Executive Licensing Manager, Corporate Library Sales
    Pharma, Biotechnology, Hospitals & Health in the US/Canada

    Phone: +1 212 620 8430
    Fax: +1 212 460 1518

  • Marc Iacono-Harris

    Marc Iacono-Harris

    Executive Licensing Manager, Corporate Library Sales
    Corporate Markets: Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods Non-Food, Energy, Utilities, Environment, Materials & Steel, Oil, Gas, & Geosciences

    Phone: 212.460.1641
    Fax: 212.460.1518

  • Rumela Mitra

    Rumela Mitra

    Executive Licensing Manager, Corporate Library Sales
    Corporate Markets: Electronics, Engineering, IT & Software, Patent Offices, Telecommunications

    Phone: 212.460.1544
    Fax: 212.460.1518

  • Kevin Russell

    Kevin Russell

    Licensing Associate, Corporate Library Sales
    Corporate Markets (Non-Pharma/Health): Inside Sales Activities

    Phone: 212.620.8486
    Fax: 212.460.1518

  • Bruno Santos

    Bruno Santos

    Licensing Manager, Corporate Library Sales
    All Corporate Markets in Latin America, Spain & Portugal / Health & Pharma in Brasil

    Phone: +55(21)35.92.1501

  • John Knapp

    John Knapp

    Licensing Manager, Corporate Licensing Sales
    Pharma, Biotechnology and Hospitals & Health in the USA and Canada

    Phone: +1 267 321 2921


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