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Promote SpringerLink at your Library

The links below take the viewer to downloadable PDFs on the marketing materials available that explain our products and subjects. We will continue to add materials as they become available.


SpringerLink Brochure

Downloadable PDF that explains features and benefits of SpringerLink ... More


Online Archives Collection Brochure

This downloadable PDF details the newest addition to the SpringerLink collection - the digitization of Springer journals and eBook Series from Vol. 1, Issue 1. ... More


Subject Collections Information

These Subject Collection datasheets highlight the content available on SpringerLink as divided into eleven subject areas. Learn about top journals in the collection, key editors and authors, and Nobel Prize winners who have published with Springer. ... More


Third party Content Hosting Brochures

Springer has multiple collections centered around specially hosted content. Currently, Springer offers access to journals published by Science Press and Higher Education Press of China and translated directly into English.

Library Zone

Read all about it! Springer's new newsletter shares your stories and our latest endeavors to reach out to the library community.


Multilingual Resources

Find information and resources about Springer and SpringerLink in your own language. ... More


Landolt-Börnstein Online

It has never been easier to find reliable data in physics, chemistry and materials science. More than 1.000 experts have critically selected for you.


Contact us

Contact a Springer representative with your questions ... More


Especially for Corporations

Explore the options available to corporations, research institutions and government research facilities. ... More


Marketing Resources

Would you like printed marketing materials from Springer? Distribute these in your library to promote access to new content! Contact us! ... More