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One of the world's most complete collections of STM books, journals, reference works and databases.

More than 60,000 librarians worldwide choose SpringerLink for online scientific content.
Here’s why…
  • Fast access to around 7.5 million content items from one integrated platform
  • Enhanced user interface and functions based on extensive usability research
  • Preview documents with look inside feature
  • Powerful search engine explores eJournals, eBooks and eReferences
  • Semantic Linking delivers more related documents with every search
Our commitment to innovation and our record of continuous improvement are just two reasons why you should choose SpringerLink. Since launching in 1996, SpringerLink has become one of the world’s largest providers of online STM information. Librarians prefer it because of its flexible, local and remote subscriber access, reliable network infrastructure, and easy management. Scientists and researchers prefer the reduced search time, more efficient results and the vast amount of information available on one platform. Springer has a strong reputation amongst librarians and academics.

Springer’s collection today spans the universe of research 

SpringerLink offers over 2,200 peer reviewed English-language eJournals, more than 120,000 eBooks and around 30,000 Protocols. Thousands of eBooks, eReferences and eBook Series titles are scheduled to be added each year.


SpringerLink offers a unique set of features to all its principal users: 

  • Integrates eJournals, eBooks and eReferences, SpringerProtocols and more
  • Search platform and user interface designed with researchers in mind
  • Semantic linking technology brings improved results to every search
  • Users can view and work with PDFs before they download
  • Extensive Online Archives Collection – eJournals and a selection of eBook series from volume 1, issue 1
  • Free access to search tables of contents, abstracts and editorial background
  • SpringerAlerts email bulletins keep users and librarians current
  • Access via IP authentication, username and password, Athens or Shibboleth
  • Includes material published via Springer Open Choice™.

eJournals, eBooks, Protocols, Online Archives and more 

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