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eMarketing @ Springer – How Springer’s Online Marketing Efforts Support Society & Co-Publishing Partners

Find out all about Springer’s many and varied online marketing activities, how these benefit our society and co-publishing partners, and check out Springer online marketing in numbers.

Some popular saying in the 1990s had us believe: The future is bright – The future is online. With hindsight we can now safely consider the saying not too far off the mark and maintain that the online world has become a substantial part in most peoples’ lives as well as a basic prerequisite for research communities.

Of course this change has had quite an impact on how we at Springer have conducted our marketing activities in the last few years. In order to reach scientists and libraries and stay closely in touch with their needs and wants we have moved from traditional postal mailings for instance to online activities involving digital media such as the internet or email.

So, what exactly is it that the Springer marketing department focuses on to reach readers of society publications online? Our main starting point continues to be, Springer’s promotional platform. We have been focusing on turning this website from a mere presentation catalogue into a service platform that provides researchers, authors, librarians and other customer groups with exactly the information or service they are looking for and that is relevant to them. For example, a new service launching soon will allow authors of journal articles to track the production process and status of their article in real-time and of course online at their own convenience.

There is one topic associated with that is most important when it comes to boosting traffic at the site: the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts that we (together with an expert service vendor) perform continuously to ensure our product pages are easily and promptly found by users through search engine queries. About 40% of visitors come to us from the search engine giant Google, therefore it is vital to make sure Springer products are placed in top search result positions.

Another important supporting pillar of Springer’s online tactics are emailing campaigns and alerting services. Especially the automated Table-of-Content (ToC) alerts for individual society journals are much appreciated by users who want to stay up-to-date with the latest journal content. Some 450,000 of them have subscribed to the ToC service for an average of 3-4 journals. Complementing the automated alert services, individually put-together and subject-specific emailing campaigns also play a key role. The Springer marketing department focuses on targeted campaigns to researchers, authors and other readers pushing new product information, special offers, exhibit announcements and Springer and STM news. These include a range of special society-branded eNewsletters.

Of course there are many more online activities; the Springer marketing department creates SpringerLink banner ads or places adverts on search engine result pages, etc. An exciting new area that has emerged recently and that Springer also takes advantage of is Social Media & Networking and its plentiful opportunities. For example, we have Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep our library customers up to date and interested in our services.

If there is something to be learned from the overall changes in the marketing world then that it is clear that our increasing amount of electronic content and growing number of eProducts require less traditional and more online marketing support. The benefits for our society publications are clear-cut: We reach more people than ever and we also reach them much more frequently. It might be “marketing talk” but visibility in the online world is the key to the success of our content.

Springer Online Marketing in Numbers, Springer’s eContent platform

  • 450 million visits and more than 1 billion page views in 2008
  • SpringerLink is one of the top 1,000 websites in the world
  • Incorporates more than 4,5 million documents
  • Promotional banner ads on SpringerLink result in over 350,000 clicks per year, Springer’s promotional platform

  • More than 800,000 users and customers are registered on
  • Over 16 million visits and 50 million page views in 2008
  • 40% of visitors come from Google
  • We deliver over 14 million alerts and promotional emails per year
  • Click-through-rates in Springer-promotional emails range from 6 to 18%

Online Marketing Benefits for Springer’s Society & Co-Publishing Partners

“Through cooperating with Springer society publications gain great exposure: Our highly-frequented eContent platform SpringerLink reaches millions of readers every day and we promote society journals with a wide range of numerous customized online activities such as individual society-branded eNewsletters, web portals or Table-of-Content alerts. Springer is a key player when it comes to eMarketing in the STM industry and we are keen to share this expertise with our society partners.”

Juliane Ritt, Executive Vice President Marketing at Springer

Coming Up:

Don’t miss the next issue of Society Zone in which we will start a new regular feature on Springer’s (e)Marketing activities: The Springer Marketing Corner. In this corner column we will pinpoint individual aspects of Springer’s marketing activities and discuss what’s in them for our society & co-publishing partners.

Covered in the next issue of Society Zone: Online portals for societies.

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