Open access funding

Open access is supported by authors, who appreciate the increased visibility of their work, as well as academic institutions and funders, which value the societal impact of freely available research.


© PTter Gudella, iStockphotoOpen access publishing costs: available support options

In open access journal publishing, an open access fee or article-processing charge (APC) is paid after peer review and acceptance, making all the content freely available under liberal re-use terms. Likewise, for open access books, a book processing charge (BPC) is paid. Though authors may need to arrange for the payment themselves, they can receive support from numerous institutions and funders, which cover the fees in various ways.

Open access funding for journals with SpringerOpen

Open access funding options for articles and books

1 APC and BPC funding from institutions and research funders

Funders all over the world, including the Research Councils UK (RCUK), have made open access fees part of their general funding and provide money to cover some or all of the open access publication costs.

In addition, more than 300 institutions and universities around the globe distribute funds dedicated to covering some or all of the open access publication costs for their researchers, faculty or members.

Click here to discover the APC funding opportunities available to you, or here to learn more about BPC funding for open access books.

2 Open access agreements with institutions

For our Open Choice-eligible journals, Springer has agreements with institutions that cover the open access fee for their affiliated researchers. Corresponding authors can publish their articles open access in over 1,800 journals at no cost.

3 Open access agreements for fully open access journals with institutions

Many institutions support their researchers by paying the open access fees as part of a membership model. At Springer, we use an OA Membership Program for our fully open access journals in the SpringerOpen and BioMed Central portfolios. Over 600 institutions worldwide have joined our OA Membership Program and financially support open access by paying some or all of the publication costs for their researchers.

4 Open access waivers fund

SpringerOpen and BioMed Central journals offer waivers to authors based in low-income countries. Requests for waivers and discounts from other authors lacking funding for APCs will also be considered on a case-by-case basis. For further details, visit the SpringerOpen and BioMed Central websites.

APC waivers and discounts are not offered for open access articles published in subscription journals offering an “Open Choice” option. For further information about these journals, please refer to the Open Choice website.

APCs in SpringerOpen journals

Information on the APC as part of the publication costs for open access journals can be found in the general overview of SpringerOpen APCs.

BPCs for SpringerOpen books

Visit our SpringerOpen book FAQs to learn more about book processing charges (BPCs).

Open access policies and mandates

More than 80 funders as well as over 600 institutions and universities worldwide have introduced an open access policy or mandate that advises or even requires their researchers to make their work freely available, either via green or gold open access. For detailed information about specific mandates, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or Research Councils UK (RCUK), please visit our Authors’ Rights page.