Content Solutions for Academic Libraries

Springer Medical Content Solutions for Academic Libraries provide university, medical and nursing school libraries, teaching hospitals, training centers and advanced medical education programs with the latest scientific information… all available 24/7.

Information for medical education and professional training

Offering the most up to date research available electronically, this specialized collection gives medical students, instructors, nursing students, EMT trainees, physicians, educational administrators, allied health students and others the information they’ll need to actively pursue their education and further their professional training.

Comprised of Springer’s vast array of eBooks, online journals, protocols, eBook series, reference works and a wide selection of medical images, Springer Content Solutions for Medical Libraries offers information grouped into two key disciplines:

  • Medicine: includes sub-disciplines such as: Medicine & Public Health, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gastroenterology, Public Health, Neurology, & Imaging / Radiology.
  • Biomedicine & Life Sciences: includes subdisciplines such as: Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Science.

In addition, you can round out your collection through many other related fields in chemistry, humanities, behavioral sciences, among others. Libraries can offer content in these areas designed to match their institutional curricula and customized to meet their budgetary requirements.


Springer offers medical education libraries, teaching hospitals and researchers the world’s largest, most comprehensive online medical book and journal collection. We are committed to improving medical care by setting high standards for medical education.

  • Medical eBook Collection: With more than 2,000 titles and nearly 300 added each year, including 6 book series and numerous reference works, the collection is designed to meet the requirements of researchers, students and practitioners.
  • Medical Journal Collection: Springer also offers 103 journal titles in this collection. Of these 41 are society owned or affiliated and 73% of journals have Impact Factors. Titles range from, association society journals to more niche oriented specialties.

For key title and series lists, please download the PDF at the top right of this page.

Biomedicine & Life Science

In addition to core medical titles, Springer’s online book & ournal collection includes diverse fields of biomedicine, biotechnology and pharmaceutical science. By including related titles in Biomedical and Life Science, your users will spend less time searching and more time finding the information they need to complete their medical research and/or assist in their practice.

  • Biomedicine & Life Sciences eBook Collection: The program publishes more than 300 new titles each year, through a diverse range of reference works, book series and monographs.
  • Biomedicine & Life Sciences Journal Collection: Springer offers more than 300 online journals in the Biomedical and Life Sciences - of which more than 30% are affiliated with a society and 70% have an Impact Factor.

For key title and series lists, please download the PDF at the top right of this page.