Cancer Treatment and Research

Ethical Issues in Cancer Patient Care

Editors: Angelos, Peter (Ed.)

  • Examines the complex ethical issues raised by the care of cancer patients
  • This updated edition addresses important topics relevant to the management of individuals with cancer
  • Brings together a multidisciplinary group of experts who present commentary on controversial subjects frequently debated in the field
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About this book

This updated edition addresses a variety of ethical issues that arise in the care of oncology patients.  Many volumes have been written on medical ethics in the past 30 years.  However, few have focused on ethical issues specific to the care of cancer patients.  This book brings together such a focused examination.  The contributors include clinicians, (doctors, nurses, and social workers), ethicists, medical humanists, medical educators, and a cancer survivor.  The issues raised have direct relevance to the care of oncology patients in treatment as well as research settings.  The chapters address issues that are central to contemporary medical practice and medical ethics inquiry.  Ethical Issues in Cancer Patient Care, Second Edition will have direct importance for practicing physicians, nurses and others caring for cancer patients.  In addition, medical students, medical educators and ethicists will find this book of interest.

Series Editor's comments:
"Ethical issues remain a critical component of cancer care.  Advances in science often demand a re-evaluation of the human considerations. This text incorporates the philosophy of several leading investigators in the field."
Steven T. Rosen, M.D.
Series Editor

Buy this book

Softcover $119.00
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Bibliographic Information
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Ethical Issues in Cancer Patient Care
  • Peter Angelos
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Cancer Treatment and Research
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Springer US
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XII, 258