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Ralf Gerstner 2021

Ralf Gerstner

Executive Editor Information Systems, Databases, Information Retrieval, Digital Libraries, Web Technologies, Software Engineering and Programming Languages and Techniques, Proposals for LNBIP volumes
Springer Heidelberg

Tiergartenstraße 17
69121 Heidelberg

About me

My aim with Springer is to publish science books for graduate students, advanced professionals, and researchers in both academia and industry in the areas of information systems (including the new series Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing), databases (including the series Data-Centric Systems and Applications) and Information Retrieval (including the Information Retrieval Series), Web technologies, software engineering, and programming languages and techniques. Based on my own professional background as a system architect, software developer, project manager, senior consultant (and some other nice titles used exhaustively in the computer science industry) working 15+ years both at universities and with companies like Siemens and SAP, I have some idea of what a valuable and successful computer science book should deliver. I am always interested in learning about possible books which will help our target groups to better understand new concepts, new technologies, new solutions, new opportunities - put briefly, to raise their level of knowledge and expertise. You may either send me your proposals or discuss them with me directly at one of the conferences that I plan to attend.

Book Series
  • Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
  • Data-Centric Systems and Applications
  • The Information Retrieval Series
  • The Enterprise Engineering Series
  • Web Information Systems Engineering and Internet Technologies Book Series

ECIR – European Conference on Information Retrieval

WWW – The Web Conference

ICSE – International Conference on Software Engineering

CAISE – International Conference on advanced Information Systems Engineering

SIGIR – International Conference on Information Retrieval

VLDB – International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

BPM – International Conference on Business Process Management

TPDL – International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries

MODELS – International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

ISWC – International Semantic Web Conference

ER – International Conference on Conceptual Modeling

ECSS – European Computer Science Summi