The Transfer Desk

© ©scyther5Sometimes as an Editor you have to reject an article for reasons other than quality: the article doesn’t fit the scope or profile of your journal. For the authors this means they have to find another journal and go through another lengthy submission process. Now you can help these authors resubmit through a convenient alternative: our Transfer Desk service!

Maintain the scope and quality of your journal

What is the Transfer Desk?

The Transfer Desk is our manuscript transfer service that ensures all publishable manuscripts will find a home. The Transfer Desk assists authors in finding the right journal, combining advanced journal matching technology with author’s preference. The Transfer Desk pre-checks all manuscripts, thus ensuring only publishable and complete manuscripts will be transferred. The Transfer Desk works closely with the editors of all journals to make sure every manuscript receives the attention it deserves.

This is how it works:

  1. Editors-in-Chief can offer a transfer to the Transfer Desk (before or after peer review) using the decision ‘Decline and Transfer to Transfer Desk’. You can add recommendations for specific journals, but this is not required. A_31146_transferdesk_1_large © springer
  2. The author receives the decision email and can decide to follow-up on the transfer offer by clicking the right link in the email.
  3. When the author accepts the transfer offer, the manuscript files and any available review reports (provided peer reviewer(s) grant permission for this) will be sent to the Transfer Desk automatically.
  4. The Transfer Desk performs quality checks (iThenticate, ethics and language quality).
  5. If the manuscript passed the checks, the Transfer Desk will analyse the manuscript and propose one or more suitable journals to the author. The author can choose his preferred journal(s).
  6. The Transfer Desk will do a pre-submission inquiry to the journal(s)-of-choice. This inquiry sends author details, the abstract and conclusion to the journal, and a link to the entire manuscript. Please note this is not a submission or a direct transfer: the pre-submission inquiry only checks if the potential receiving journal’s editor is interested in receiving the manuscript. If the journal does not want to receive the transfer, the Transfer Desk assists the author in finding another journal.
  7. If the potential receiving journal is willing to consider the manuscript, the Transfer Desk offers the author a transfer.
  8. The manuscript is transferred to the journal and the regular editorial process at that journal can start.

Please note that the transfer does NOT guarantee acceptance; it just helps authors to resubmit their work to another journal in an easy and convenient way. A_31146_transferdesk_2_large © springer

A service for the entire scientific community: finding a home for all publishable research

Authors benefit from a convenient way to resubmit their manuscript to a suitable journal, while editors can expand their journal’s service by offering an alternative to rejection without any additional work. Receiving transferred manuscripts is a convenient way to increase the number of quality submissions to your journal. The entire publication process can be faster if review reports are included in the transfer, reducing the workload for the reviewer community.

How can you benefit from our manuscript transfer service?

  • Offering authors a transfer option allows you to easily expand the services offered by your journal. The Transfer Desk can find a home for all publishable research; by suggesting or accepting transfers you can help the scientific community to ensure all scientifically valid manuscripts get published.
  • You also help to speed up the publication process and reduce the workload for reviewers: the manuscript will automatically be sent to our Transfer Desk together with any available review reports (provided peer reviewer(s) grant permission for this), possibly preventing unnecessary rounds of peer-review.
  • Providing your authors with this additional service is very easy: You can simply select the final decision “Decline and transfer to Transfer Desk” in Editorial Manager. The Transfer Desk team will take care of the rest.
  • The transfer service will save authors time and effort needed to find and resubmit to the right journal, and you can attract future submissions by offering a supportive resolution instead of a negative decision. Maintain the scope and quality of your journal, while helping rejected authors have a more positive publishing experience at your journal.
  • Receiving transferred manuscripts can be beneficial, too: Not only is it an easy and convenient way of getting access to interesting submissions for your journal, it will also help new authors find your journal. Only publishable and complete manuscripts will be transferred, since the Transfer Desk pre-checks many aspects of a manuscript (language quality, ethics and plagiarism). Pre-submission enquiries ensure only manuscripts that you want to consider for your journal are transferred.

When will the Transfer Desk be available?

The service is operational and rolled out to all of our 2,500+ Springer, SpringerOpen and BioMed Cetral journals to provide you and our authors with an integrated network of journals that offers convenient one-time submission, expert journal selection and maximum publication options.


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