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Springer launches book series with the Brazilian Center for Research and Development (CPqD)

Telecommunications and Information Technology will offer books which bridge the gap between academia and industry

Heidelberg | New York, 18 November 2015

Springer and the Brazilian Center for Research and Development (CPqD) have signed an agreement to jointly publish an international book series called Telecommunications and Information Technology. The books are aimed at both researchers and corporate professionals. Two to four books will be published annually.

Telecommunications and Information Technology will publish scientific monographs on a variety of topics under research and development at CPqD. These include, among others, optical and wireless communications, sensors, cognitive and advanced computing, information security, embedded systems, smart grid, energy storage, and operation support systems. The topics reflect current trends such as broadband, smart grid, future banking, smart cities, defense and security. The first book in the series, Long Term Evolution – 4G and Beyond is scheduled to be released in November 2015 and is dedicated to CPqD wireless communication research and development on broadband mobile networks. All books in the series will be available in print and electronic formats.

Dr. Alberto Paradisi, Vice-President of Research and Development at CPqD and co-editor of the series, said, “Our R&D activities focus on technological innovation directly linked to global market needs. I believe the collaboration between the CPqD and Springer will help to disseminate our research results internationally, providing opportunities for new partnerships.”

Dr. Mayra Castro, Publishing Editor at Springer, said, “We look forward to publishing the research carried out by CPqD. The books will address important issues affecting the everyday life of people and corporations, such as mobility, communication/information security and social-environmental responsibility.”

CPqD (Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações) is the largest R&D Center in Latin America and is located at Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. Since its creation in 1976, CPqD has excelled as the strengthening bond between universities and companies, collaborating to develop and disseminate technology for the industrial sector. CPqD’s R&D program, which is partially supported by government science and technology funds, includes studies to facilitate future technological transitions, projects to meet market needs and technologies to implement government digital inclusion policy.

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