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Put-in-a-nutshell information for you to view & learn more about the benefits of publishing with us.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Celebrates 10,000th Publication!

Celebrate with us! Share this video presenting a trip through LNCS’ exciting history and congratulate all those that have worked to make this milestone possible.

Discover the 10,000th publication.

LNCS Springer in 60

Take a minute (literally) to learn from this Springer in :60 video what the Lecture Notes in Computer Science can do for you.

Publish with Springer in Computer Science

Learn more about the benefits of publishing your book or journal article in Springer's Computer Science portfolio.

Book author & editor Alejandro Buchmann on LNCS

How the label LNCS helps lending credibility to conference proceedings. Alejandro Buchmann about his experience being an LNCS Editor and Book Author.

ORCID - Be one of a kind

Be one of a kind. Connect your research to your ORCID when you submit to Springer.