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Launch of a new LNCS subline Challenges

Over the years LNCS has published proceedings for many scientific competitions, challenges and contests: Semantic Web Evaluation Challenge, Rapid Mashup Development Tools and Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Neurocognitive Prediction, just to name a few.

LNCS Challenges © SpringerLNCS Challenges

We are pleased to announce that we have now dedicated an entire subline to bring this highly interesting content to the forefront, and the inaugural volume, The Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2018, was just published.
The core operating principles of these publications revolve around a detailed description of the problem posed, along with its scientific relevance, as well as transparent and impartial evaluation procedures of the competing approaches. Publication of associated datasets and source code is strongly encouraged, in order to provide a clear reproducibility check and encourage further tests and discussions on the subject within the scientific community.

We offer publication of Challenges volumes in time for distribution at a conference or as a post-event publication. With special prices for conference proceedings, we welcome and encourage open access and open choice publication.

If you are interested in publishing your event in LNCS Challenges, please visit   for more details, or contact us by email,