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e.Proofing offers Springer authors an easy way of making corrections to their article, book chapter or entire book proofs –  online. It speeds up the proofing process and minimizes correction-related errors.

How the online proofing process works

e.Proofing provides you with an interactive XML* proof of your article, book chapter or book which allows you to enter corrections directly into the text, tables, equations or figure captions and send them back to our production department with a single click.

In addition to the XML*, a PDF version including your corrections is provided for your records.

You can save your session and finalize your proof revisions later.

© SpringerFor a better overview, all corrections are highlighted, also listed separately and hyperlinked, so you can jump from one correction to the next easily.

After the proof's submission, our production managers will review your corrections to make sure they are in accordance with Springer's style guides and have not changed the content of the work.

e.Proofing is supported by all major browsers and mobile devices (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera).

If you need help, check out the short videos and the FAQ page for assistance.

The benefits

  • © Springere.Proofing allows a more accurate integration of corrections since there is no need to re-key them.
  • The time it takes to correct the proofs and publish your work is reduced.

© Springer

*) XML means Extensible Markup Language. It defines rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable and is the basic format for publishing your article in any electronic or print version.