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Citation Alert

New content itemYour article makes an impact. Now we’ll tell you about it!

Thanks to the information we receive from, an article’s corresponding author will be alerted as soon as his/her paper is cited by another article.

Are you a journal or series editor? 

You can check on the cited articles and chapters within your series or journal and get an up-to-date impression of how your publication has been received. Find out more here

More facts about the Citation Alert
  • Crossref is the only source of information used.
  • Corresponding authors will be alerted promptly whenever their article is cited.
  • The alert is hyperlinked to both the cited and the citing article (full text access depends on the reader’s license for Springer’s and the citing publisher’s content).
  • The alert is sent immediately after Springer receives the data from Crossref.
  • The time for data transfer from the citing publisher to Crossref varies greatly, from ca. 2-4 days up to ca. 2 months. Therefore the alert cannot be a real-time service.
  • Springer notifies Crossref within 24 hours when we publish new articles. So new citations from Springer articles in other Springer articles will usually be alerted within 48 hours.