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The Bible of automotive electronics will now be published by Springer Fachmedien

Hansen Report to become part of the Springer specialist publications ATZelektronik and ATZelectronics worldwide

Wiesbaden | Heidelberg, 14 February 2020

Logos: ATZelectronics worldwide and The Hansen Report © Springer Fachmedien

From mid-February, the ‘Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics’ will be published in the two specialist magazines ATZelektronik and ATZelectronics worldwide under the umbrella of Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. In the field of automotive electronics, the report is considered to be a reliable and credible source for current industry trends and international developments in both Asia and in the USA. The 16-page report is published ten times per year, and is published in either German or English depending on the respective publication.

“The Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics has been around for 32 years. As the electronics bible of automotive sector, it is an indispensable part of the industry”, comments Dr. Alexander Heintzel, ATZ editor-in-chief of this new publishing addition. “We are offering our readers real added-value with this reference work, as the report helps to research as well as identify technology and business trends in the global automotive electronics industry. We are delighted about this significant expansion of our specialist publications; it is a considerable upgrade and, likewise, internationalization of our existing portfolio.”

In his first edition, Paul Hansen examines the strategies of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure safe and mass-market updates. These over-the-air (OTA), software-based functions aimed at intelligent vehicles of the future secure the current status and future prospects of Waymoals as pioneer of self-driving vehicles, as well as technology reports from areas such as cyber security or displays. 

ATZelektronik provides information on the latest trends and developments in automotive electronics. The trade magazine represents a unique depth of information at a scientific level. An English-language online edition has also been available since 2008 under the title ATZelectronics worldwide
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