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Topics in Applied Physics
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Nanoscale Photonic Imaging

Editors: Salditt, Tim, Egner, Alexander, Luke, Russell (Eds.)

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  • Provides an ideal introduction to, and survey of the exciting field of nanoscale imaging with photons
  • Open access book suited to graduate students and researchers
  • Presents a record of the immense progress achieved by a multidisciplinary team of leading researchers
  • Demonstrates the vast range of applications of forefront photonic imaging techniques


  • ISBN 978-3-030-34413-9
  • This book is an open access book, you can download it for free on
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価格の適用国: Japan (日本円価格は個人のお客様のみ有効) (小計)
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価格の適用国: Japan (日本円価格は個人のお客様のみ有効) (小計)

This open access book, edited and authored by a team of world-leading researchers, provides a broad overview of advanced photonic methods for nanoscale visualization, as well as describing a range of fascinating in-depth studies. Introductory chapters cover the most relevant physics and basic methods that young researchers need to master in order to work effectively in the field of nanoscale photonic imaging, from physical first principles, to instrumentation, to mathematical foundations of imaging and data analysis.  Subsequent chapters demonstrate how these cutting edge methods are applied to a variety of systems, including complex fluids and biomolecular systems, for visualizing their structure and dynamics, in space and on timescales extending over many orders of magnitude down to the femtosecond range.

Progress in nanoscale photonic imaging in Göttingen has been the sum total of more than a decade of work by a wide range of scientists and mathematicians across disciplines, working together in a vibrant collaboration of a kind rarely matched. This volume presents the highlights of their research achievements and serves as a record of the unique and remarkable constellation of contributors, as well as looking ahead at the future prospects in this field. It will serve not only as a useful reference for experienced researchers but also as a valuable point of entry for newcomers.


Tim Salditt received a Ph.D. and Habilitation in Physics at the University of Munich (LMU). He was the chair of the German Research Foundation (DFG) Collaborative Research Center for Nanoscale Photonic Imaging at the University of Göttingen and is a member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences. He is currently Professor for Experimental Physics at the University of Göttingen.


Alexander Egner received a Dr. rer. Nat. in Physics at the University of Heidelberg. He was with the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen where he became the head of the Central Light Microscopy Facility. He is currently Director of the Laser-Laboratory-Göttingen.


Russell Luke received a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington. He has been a Research Fellow at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences in Vancouver as well as Associate Professor at the University of Delware. He is currently Professor of Continuous Optimization at the University of Göttingen.  

Table of contents (24 chapters)

Table of contents (24 chapters)
  • STED Nanoscopy

    Pages 3-34

    Egner, Alexander (et al.)

  • Coherent X-ray Imaging

    Pages 35-70

    Salditt, Tim (et al.)

  • X-ray Focusing and Optics

    Pages 71-124

    Salditt, Tim (et al.)

  • Statistical Foundations of Nanoscale Photonic Imaging

    Pages 125-143

    Munk, Axel (et al.)

  • Inverse Problems

    Pages 145-164

    Hohage, Thorsten (et al.)


  • ISBN 978-3-030-34413-9
  • This book is an open access book, you can download it for free on
ハードカバー ¥7,149
価格の適用国: Japan (日本円価格は個人のお客様のみ有効) (小計)
ソフトカバー ¥7,149
価格の適用国: Japan (日本円価格は個人のお客様のみ有効) (小計)





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Topics in Applied Physics
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