Swati Meherishi

Swati Meherishi

Editorial Director
Engineering, Materials Science, Energy, Water, Climate

Springer New Delhi

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About Me

With nearly 14 years of publishing engineering books and journals , I am now leading the Asia Pacific (ex China) books program for Engineering and Applied Sciences. I am happy to help our authors from the region connect to the right editors in our program. My personal book program spans across engineering subjects and disciplines. And I am specially interested in civil engineering, materials science, smart systems and devices, energy systems, chemical engineering, and industrial engineering. I am also a champion for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030) and all aspects of sustainability, climate and water. Interested authors, conference organisers, and co-publishing partners can reach out to me via email.


81st EAGE Conference and Exhibition, ExCeL Centre, London

3-6 June 2019. 47th North American Manufacturing Research Conference, Erie, PA., USA

10-14, June 2019. ASME IDETC/CIE, Anaheim, CA., 18-21 August 2019.

Book Series

Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering